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pale botonist is studies of fossilized plants and for animal fossils is paleontologists because while they are studying the past, they are studying fossils

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Q: Who studies plant and animal fossils?
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What type of scientist studies plant fossils?

A Paleobotanist studies plant fossils

Plant and animal remains are called?


What elements do plant and animal fossils contain?

Animal fossils contain hydroxyapatite from bones.Plants contain carbon.

Why are animal fossils are more plentiful than plant fossils?

Animal fossils are more plentiful than plant fossils because animals contain hard parts such as bones, teeth, and shells.

What are the four types of fossils?

molds and casts, trace fossils, petrified wood, and carbon filmThe four types of fossils are mold fossils, cast fossils, true-form fossils, and trace fossils. Mold fossils are impressions from when the plant or animal first decomposed. Cast fossils are plant or animal remains. True-form fossils are remaining body parts from an animal. Trace fossils are marks that have been left by animal, such as footprints.

The remains of an animal or plant in a rock?

Those are fossils.

What are three fossils that can tell us about animals that lived a long time ago?

Plant fossils animal fossils and water fossils

How can fossils give clues into the past?

fossils can show what the shape and environment of the animal or plant fossil

Person who studies fossils?

A palaeontologist studies fossils.

What are two things the paleontologists can learn from fossils?

1. When that animal/plant lived. 2.What killed that animal/plant.

What is the science that studies fossils?

A paleontologist is a scientist who studies fossils.

What is a person who studies fossils?

A Paleontologist is a person who studies fossils.

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