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The poor. The average Joe just like most of us on this board. This caused unemployement which led to breadlines, soup kitchens and many good men had to try and "train jump" to try different parts of the States and Canada to find a job. You can bet the government didn't suffer! If you go on and type in: "The Great Depression" you'll find out about some letters that were written to the President for help as people were starving.

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Q: Who suffered the most in the US during the Great Depression?
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Who suffered the most during the Great Depression industrial workers or farmers?


Because of war debts what country suffered the most during the Great Depression?


During the decade before World War 2 most of the world suffered effects of the Great Depression?


What was the umemployeement rate for black people during Great Depression?

The unemployment rate for black people during Great Depression was at 50%. The main reasons why the black community suffered the most is believed to have been racial discrimination.

Which states in the Dust Bowl region suffered the most from the most from the Great Depression?

My penis

Famous moives of the Great depression?

my but was 1 of the most famous moives in the great depression. have sex is another famous moivie during the great depression.

Who benefited most during the great depression?

the gouvernment

What products sold the most during the great depression?


Who was the impacted the most during the great depression?

All of the banks.

Which prices rose during the Great Depression?

The prices of most basic commodities rose during the Great Depression. This included the prices of bread, gas, and milk.

What did the kids wear during the Great Depression?

I have heard that during the great depression most people sold eggs to get by and they used the sack that the chicken feed came in and wore that.

What was the most common migrant jobs during the Great Depression?


Which industries were most profitable during The Great depression?

cosmetic companies

What transportation was there during the great depression?

They would walk most of the time

Who was president during most of great depression?

Franklin D. Roosevelt

What is the negative effect of the Great Depression?

Well, most everyone was poor during the Great Depression, so that's a definite bad thing

Jobs during the Great Depression?

During the great depression, there weren't many jobs available for the people. Most lost their jobs because of the poor economy. Unemployment was at 25% to 33&.

What is the popular sport during the Great Depression time?

In the United States, Baseball was the most popular sport in the years of the great depression (1929-194?).

What state was most populated with migrant workers during the great depression?


What job was most common during the Great Depression?

Jobs at the docks or factories were the most common.

What happened to food prices during the Great Depression?

The food prices during the Great Depression went down and not up. However, most people were unemployed and could not afford the basic necessities.

What happend during the Great Depression?

Durring the great depression, the economy failed and people lost everything. Most characteristics during the great depression was the widding gape between the "haves" and "havenots". There was also alot of buying on margin or installment buying which was using "fake" money.

Who was the most important person during the Great Depression?

I would say Herbert Hoover

What were the most common jobs during the great depression?

Selling items on the street & farming

What jobs were available during the Great Depression?

there were not many jobs available during the great depression , however the most common job involved manual labour i.e. on a ranch in exchange for food or board .