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It is not known who taught Leonardo da vinci how to read and write. Though since he spent the first five years of his life with his mother it's likely she taught him or found a teacher who taught him.

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Where was Leonardo da Vinci's school?

In Vinci Leonardo went to school. Vasari told that teachers of Leonardo da Vinci were despaired about all the questions and doubts of Leonardo. Leonardo learned at school to write, to read and to calculate. Also he was taught in geometry and Latin. Later Leonardo tried to improve his knowledge in school in Latin. Perhaps this is the reason why Leonardo did his notes in Italian.Leonardo lived in Vinci until 1466.

How did Leonardo da Vinci write using a mirror?

Leonardo da Vinci did not write using a mirror. Leonardo was left-handed, so he wrote from right to left, which is called "mirror writing", meaning that other people needed a mirror in order to read what Leonardo wrote. Leonardo da Vinci wrote most of his notebooks using "mirror writing".

How did Barney Ford get his education?

He taught himself how to read and write. His neighbor taught him how to read and write. His neighbor taught him how to read and write.

Who was Leonardo da Vinci's mom?

Leonardo da vinci's mom was from the cacasian lands of Armenia. She taught Leanardo Armenian and worked with him day and night helping him with his skills, of understanding how to read and write in Armenian. Da Vinci painted beautiful works of art, in Armenia and his work still shines on today

What president was taught to read and write by his wife?

Andrew Johnson was the President who was taught to read and write by his wife. His wife would read to him and this is how he learned to read and write.

What is Leonardo da Vinci's educational background?

A priest taught to read an write. The rest of his education was being an apprentice in Verrocchio's workshop.

Did Leonardo da Vinci invent?

Yes he did. Click link below to read about it!

What did Leonardo da Vinci invent for science?

Click link below to read about it!

What books did leonardo da vinci read?

He usually made books but I'm not sure if he read much.

If you read Leonardo da Vinci's manuscripts what will you be struck by?

Leonardo Da Vinci wrote Backwards in his manuscripts.Thats what you would get struck by.

What kind of education was taught to the pilgrims?

They were taught how to read,write,and how to read the bible.

Why did Leonardo da Vinci make codes for his paintings?

Do not believe what you read in novels! They are not factual.

Before 1647 how were most children taught to read and write?

Children were often taught to read and write at home by their parents.

What do Albert Einstein Leonardo da Vinci have in common?

They became smarter (geniuses) after they read classical literature.

Could Saint Maria Goretti write and read?

No, St. Maria was not taught how to read or write.

What did Abraham Lincoln taught himself?

He taught himself to read and write and to be a lawyer.

How do you know about Leonardo da Vinci's inventions?

Leonardo da Vinci drew plans for inventions that were way ahead of their time in various sketch books which we can read today.

When did Leonardo da Vinci's parents get married?

Just read in a Chilren's book - "Who was Leonardo Da Vinci" that his parents did not marry and that he lived with grandparents for the early part of his childhood.

What is calpurnias fault?

She taught Scout to write and read?

What is the literacy?

literacy is where we are taught how to read and write and spell

What is Calpurnia's fault?

She taught Scout to write and read?

What did schoolmasters teach?

schoolmasters taught how to read, write, and they also taught kids about the bible

Why was it unusual that Frederick Douglass was taught to read and write?

it was unusual because he was a black slave and if they were taught to read and write they could have power and they could gain control of things

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