Who taught jewish people?

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The Forefathers and Moses, the Prophets, the Sages, and the Rabbis throughout the generations.

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Q: Who taught jewish people?
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Why are Jewish children taught to hate Germans?

Jewish children are not taught to hate Germans.

What are the major achievements of Abraham?

Abraham taught the belief in One G-d (monotheism). He was the progenitor of the Jewish people.

What are jewish people taught?

Ideally, they are taught the Torah, the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible), the Talmud, and other classical Jewish texts, all with their commentaries. Religious students are also taught reading, writing and related skills, plus some math and other subjects. See also:The classical texts of Judaism

In what city was the Jewish Temple that Jesus taught in?

Jerusalem was the only place in the world that had a Jewish Temple at that time.

Did Jewish Scribes teach about Jewish history?

Scribes in ancient Judea taught about the Jewish religion. They debated certain aspects of the Bible and recorded important events in Jewish history.

Yeshua was definitely Jewish and taught directly out of the Torah over a thousand years ago.?

He taught 'Love' not Fleshly Torah

Did Hitler listen to his people?

no he didn't Yes, Hitler did listen to his people. They loved him because he listened to their ideas and if their ideas were not anti-Jewish he would kill them. He mesmerized them in the Hitler youth program to never question Him. They were taught anti-Jewish ideas early on.

What were children taught about religion in Nazi Germany?

In Nazi Germany children were taught an acultist religion in which the Aryan Germans were placed at the top of society. Also they were taught that the Jewish people were subhuman and that the Aryans had once been a race of gaints that the Jews had contaminated by mingling with the Aryans.

Where is Judaism taught?

In Yeshivas (for men), in Jewish seminaries (for women), in Jewish day-schools, and in classes in synagogues and other venues.

Where do people get their belief?

1) From what we are taught. 2) From the evidence that is all around us:

What religion are Jewish people?


Why was Jesus a Jew if he was teaching Christianity?

Jesus was born to a Jewish family .But he taught about God.

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