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Q: Who to have perform for a sweet sixteen party?
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How can you get Lil Wayne to perform at a sweet sixteen party?

pay him to play

What can you do for your sweet sixteen party?

For a sweet sixteen party, it is important to hold the party at a children's park and invite her friends.

Is it werid to re-do your sweet sixteen party?

Only if you're not sixteen.

How many couples are supposed to be in a sweet sixteen court?

How many couples are supposed to be in a sweet sixteen party?

Party that girls have at 16 in Mexico?

Sweet sixteen

When a girl is sixteen it is her sweet sixteen but when a boy turns sixteen what is it called?

A boy's 16th birthday party is also often called a sweet sixteen - not just girls'.

You are having a sweet sixteen party and you need a song to walk into the party with what song should you use?

You should use Neil Sedaka, "Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen".

Are "The Party Rental" any good?

Yes, Party Rental on the east coast is a good company for sweet sixteen parties. They can provide tents, bouncy houses, all your party needs and favors. Happy Sweet Sixteen!!

What are some sweet sixteen party games?

party all day and drink all night:]

What are some ideas to do at your sweet 16 party?

it your sweet 16 do what you want to. if it not yours and its you friends do what she would want for her sweet sixteen.

How do you get celebrities at your super sweet sixteen party?

say your name is tom cruise

What is the cost for an average Sweet Sixteen party for a boy?

20 bucks for pizza.

Was justin bieber on super sweet sixteen?

No he wasn't he just had a normal party if that

How expensive does a sweet sixteen party planner cost?

A great Party planner will cost 15% of the total cost of the Party.

What are some creative party ideas for a sweet sixteen?

1. Masquerade Ball 2. Black Light Party 3. literal Sweet Sixteen. You could like, turn your backyard into candy land, or something.

Would it be alexis' sweet sixteen or alexis's sweet sixteen?

I would go with "Alexis's sweet sixteen"

How much does it cost to have Adam Lambert perform in a sweet sixteen?

If you have to can't afford him. ;D

What is the average cost to book Paramore to perform?

about 25,000 at least. I'm getting her for my sweet sixteen,(:

What flowers should I buy for my female friends sweet sixteen party?

Some nice flowers for a sweet sixteen party is some yellow or pink ones. Get the flowers that come in those colors. Any girl would love to have them at their own party.

When was When You Were Sweet Sixteen created?

When You Were Sweet Sixteen was created in 1898.

Where to rent a swing for a sweet sixteen party?

were rent swing in sat. rosa laguna

What does sweet sixteen mean?

Sweet Sixteen is the light weight model.

Who sings Sweet Sixteen?

Hilary Duff sings ''Sweet Sixteen".

Where can you find a sweet sixteen party planner?

U just find a wedding planner or party planner and they do stuff like that

Do sweet sixteens have 16 or 17 candles?

A sweet sixteen is your sixteenth birthday party, so the cake would have 16 candles.