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Who used the enigma machine?

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the German military in world war 11

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How were codes used in history?

They were used for enigma machines. Enigma machine is a way German people sent messages in codes. A Enigma machine holds loads of codes. Enigma machines are like laptops but with massive buttons and in code form

What was the name of the machine used by Germans in ww2 to make and decipher messages?

The Enigma machine .

What country had the enigma machine?

Germany used an enigma machine to encipher and decipher messages before World War II, and with military operations during the War.

Who invented ww2 code breaking machine-enigma?

enigma was the German code making machine not code breaking ultra was the code breaking machine

What was the code-breaking machine that the allies used to understand German plans?

It was the Enigma machine.

What computer used to decode the Enigma?

The Enigma was used to decode the Enigma. The British decoders at Bletchley Park during the Second World War used brain-power to try to crack the German codes. That is, until they got their hands on an Enigma machine which the Polish had captured.

How do you use the word enigma in a sentence?

It is a noun. Example: The enigma of her identity continued to distract him for the rest of the day.

The cipher machine used by the Germans for radio communication security was called the?


The cipher machine used by the Germans for radio communication security was called?


Why did they use the enigma machine in world war 2?

It was a machine the Germans used to create a code they though was unbreakable. The Enigma Machine was originally used by the German High Command to transmit communications to its forces in the front line. The code breakers of Bletchley Park (UK) then cracked the code and used their machine to intercept these messages

Who invented the world war 2 code breaking machine enigma?

The Enigma was a German code generating machine.

What is the name of the German encrypting machine used in World War 2?

the 'enigma' coder

What is the name of the German code used during world war 2?

You are probably thinking of the "Enigma" cipher machine. It was electro-mechanical device used to convert messages in to & out of codes. There were many different codes, and several versions of the Enigma machine. Not all German codes used the Enigma, however it is the most famous one discussed now.

Was the Enigma machine British?

The Enigma was the Germans' and the Ultra was the British machine. Then the British from HMS Bulldog were the first to capture the Enigma Machine from the U-110 in the North Atlantic on May 9th 1941. Then Poland helped the British to decipher the code.

Name of the machine used to decipher the German codes in World War 2?

The 'enigma' coder.

What was the impact of Alan Turing's enigma machine?

Turing did not work on the Enigma, it was a German machine. However he did do some work on the British Bombe machines that were used to crack the Enigma machine cipher. Later he saw Tommy Flowers' Colossus electronic computer, designed to crack the German Lorenz SZ40/42 machine cipher. This inspired him after the end of the war to begin work on programmable electronic computers.

When did Alan turing invented enigma machine?

Alan Turing didn't invent Enigma you complete inbacile. He cracked the code that the Germans were sending with the Enigma machine once. And it wasn't just his it was a whole team of people.

What was the name of the machine used by the Germans during world war 2 to make and decipher masseges?


Who invented the enigma machine?

The German Arthur Scherbius

Did Americans help capture the German enigma machine?


What is the name of the encoding device used by Germany in World War 2?

It was called The Enigma Machine for German encoding.

What was the purpose of the Enigma machine?

To encode and decode secret messages. It was used by the Germsn Military in World War 2.

The major German code was broken by a copy of the decoding machine known as?

The Enigma machine.

First computer which place used and why?

The first computer was used in the decoding of German Enigma machine codes. Blexsley Hall, England,1943

What is a enigma machien?

It is a machine used to encode messages so that the enemy can not understand what is being said. It was invented by the Germans and used in WWII by the Nazis.

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