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The first user of the computer mouse was Doug Englebert

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What was the first type of mouse used with personal computer?

mechanical mouse

What was the computer mouse first used for?

same as now

What material was used to construct the first mouse used with a computer?


Computer mouse used to?

The computer mouse is an input device that controls the cursor used with all desktops and the mouse (pointer) to move around the computer screen.

What is the uses of a mouse of computer?

a computer mouse is used to point things on the computer screen

What is the first apple computer to have a mouse?

By the "mouse" standards of today, the first Apple manufactured computer to have a mouse was/is called the "Apple Lisa."

What was the first computer mouse made off?

To our research we find that the first computer mouse was made out of Wood.

How do you use the mouse in the computer?

mouse is used for moving cursor in the screen of computer

What are the function of the computer mouse cord?

To connect it to the computer so the functions of the mouse can be used.

Can you replace your old computer mouse with any used computer mouse?

Yes you can. Just make sure the new mouse can plug into the usb or mouse port of your computer.

Define computer mouse?

A computer mouse is a device that is used to control the computer functions for scrolling, selecting, and de-selecting. The mouse is usually externally attached to the computer.

What was the pourpse of the computer mouse?

The purpose of the computer mouse is to be used as a graphical pointer on a computer instead of lines of text.

What are mouse used for in a computer?

to control the operations in the computer.

What does a computer mouse commonly plug into on a computer?

You have a mouse. You used it to get here. Oh, and by the way its USB

What are the functions of the mouse?

The computer mouse is used to move the cursor or arrow on the computer monitor. The mouse is operated by hand, usually with a mouse pad underneath it.

Why is the mouse on computer called mouse?

Because the first ever mouse was shaped like a real mouse

What computer was the first to use a computer mouse?

The Macintosh. It was a simple, single button mouse that slid on a wheel.

What is a computer mouse cable used for?

To transfer coded data from the mouse to the computer. It relays information about how the mouse should act onscreen.

An example of troubleshooting used by engineers when building the early computer mouse was?

When engineers were building the first computer mouse, they did much troubleshooting to better the design. They tested the design for problems and durability.

What is a computer mouse used for?

to change the position on the computer screen.

When was the first computer mouse invented?

The earliest mouse was invented in 1946 by the British but was a military device kept secret. The first personnel computer (PC) mouse was invented in 1982 by Microsoft.

Who founded computer mouse?

The first computer mouse was invented in 1963-64 by a man named Douglas Engelbartas.

Doug Engelbart what did he do in 1963?

He thought about the idea of the computer mouse, but did not make his first one until 1964, his first one was used in the 80's when an apple computer used it with one of their computers.

Which is the First computer with keyboard and mouse?

I think the BBC Microcomputer had the option for a mouse.

Who created the first computer mouse?


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