Who used the first pumpkin?

Updated: 12/12/2022
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Ancient people of North America, such as the Zuni, had domesticated pumpkins and other squash thousands of years ago.

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Q: Who used the first pumpkin?
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Is a pumpkin a vetetable?

No a pumpkin is a fruit but it is usually used as a vegetable (e.g. in soups, roasts etc) It is generally savory except when used in pumpkin scones or pumpkin pie

How do you make pumpkin light?

Well first you get a carving knife and carve any face in your pumpkin. Then you make the inside of the pumpkin hollow- and stick the appropriate size candle in your pumpkin and then you have a glowing pumpkin!

What vegetable similar to a pumpkin?

Many squashes can be used interchangably with pumpkin.

How do you carve the perfect pumpkin?

Instead of carving a jack-o-lantern, you can decorate your pumpkin. First, get an apple corer. Then get your pumpkin and core out little polka-dots all over your pumpkin. It looks very cute in the end!!(don't forget to empty the inside of your pumpkin first!!)

Who is pumpkin?

pumpkin is the 1234321 of science. The first awsome guy to find it out was awesome josh

Who grew the first pumpkin?

where were pumpkins first made

How did the pilgrims make the first pumpkin pie?

the pilgrims took a pumpkin and hollowed it out.then they put milk, honey, and spices in to the pumpkin and baked it over hot ashes and they got the first pumpkin piethis was answered by a 10 year old

What was the first pumpkin carving?




What is Jap pumpkin?

Jap stands for "Just Another Pumpkin," which was used because growers could not figure out how to market this particular kind of pumpkin.

What is a good name for a children's clothes store with the word 'pumpkin'?

Little pumpkin My little pumpkin Sweet little pumpkin I love pumpkins and I've always thought the word pumpkin used to describe babies is adorable!

What is a Bugle Gramma?

A bugle gramma is a type of pumpkin that is often used to make pumpkin pies.