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Who used trebuchets?


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People in the middle ages


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Trebuchets are massive catapults that were used in the Middle Ages in siege warfare.

It is thought that the first trebuchets were invented in the 5th Century BC. They were used by the Mohists in China.

Trebuchets work by the princible of leverage.

Trebuchets are large catapults used to hurl rocks. Much used by the Roman armies and subsequently right up to the Middle ages. They were usually built in the field, and to many ingenious designs.Trebuchets are large catapults used to hurl rocks. Much used by the Roman armies and subsequently right up to the Middle ages.

Trebuchets were used to throw stones--or dead animals--with great accuracy.

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Proper war trebuchets were as big as a modern house and needed many soldiers to crew them.

It depends on which sort of trebuchet. Traction trebuchets, operated by men pulling ropes, appeared in ancient China centuries before Christ; they appeared in Byzantium in the sixth century and spread to Europe. Trebuchets using ballast -- the classic trebuchet -- came into use during the twelfth century in Europe.

battering rams and trebuchets(look it up)

In medieval times, they were seige engines, primarily for knocking down walls but also used to hurl fireballs.

Trebuchets were medieval siege artillery used to throw heavy stones at castle walls and open a breach through which besieging forces could enter. They could also be used to launch projectiles (or a rotting dead cow in a primitive form of germ warfare) over castle walls to weaken and lower the morale of the besieged.

Trebuchets were an effective battle technique. They used the force of a raised counterweight to fling heavy objects into the air. The projectiles were placed in a pouch or net then flung into the air in an attempt to hit the castle or soldiers.Although trebuchets were effective, they were large and cumbersome things that could easily be burnt down as they were made of wood.

There was no standard set of dimensions for a trebuchet. The counterweight trebuchet could be very large, throwing projectiles of hundreds of kilograms over great distances. A modern trebuchet that won a contest throwing pumpkins was 51 feet tall. I should imagine this was probably not as big as the largest medieval trebuchets. On the other hand, there were traction trebuchets, in which the motive force was men pulling on a rope, and these were comparatively small. Hand trebuchets, which were little more than slings on the ends of staffs, were also used. There is a link below to an article on trebuchets.

the second narnia...the battle scene

trebuchets originated in china around 300 BC and was used all the way through the 14 century until eventually gunpowder made it obsolete.

to make a biger version of a sling shot

The oldest documentation of traction trebuchets date back to China in the 4th century BC. The first record of counterweight trebuchets comes from an Islamic scholar in 1187 AD.

trebuchets were made for a siege. They were made near forests as there would be a large supply of wood. The trebuchets would not be made at their castle as their soldiers would be tired of pushing the trebuchet to the enemies castle and by the time they would get to their enemies castle they would be too tired to fight and would most likely lose the battle.

They were 1st introduced in China. The year is disagreed on. anywhere from 500bd to 11ad is what ive heard. -RO

Siege machinery; trebuchets, catapults, rams and the like.

To throw large stones and break down castle walls.

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