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People who build green are people who want to:

1. Lower Building Costs; Green buildings save money, starting the very first day of


2. Improve Productivity; A number of studies -- and common sense -- indicate that

building occupants who are healthy and comfortable are more productive.

3. Have Higher Market Value; Both residential and commercial buildings retain a high

resale value if they include sustainable design components.

4. Improve their health; Sick building syndrome is a problem that has plagued homes

and offices for decades, and costs U.S. businesses millions of dollars each month.

Green buildings, however, avoid many of these problems with healthy ventilation

systems and use of non-toxic building materials.

5. Get the tax benefits; Recent federal tax incentives have been enacted to

encourage the design and construction of energy-efficient green buildings, both

residential and commercial.

6. Improve Retail Sales; A California survey of over 100 stores (all operated by the

same retailer) found that sales were 40 percent higher when stores were lighted with

skylights instead of electric lighting.

7. Lower Utility Demands; One indirect benefit to green buildings is often overlooked:

reduced demand on electric, gas and water utilities means that these infrastructures

can do more with less.

8. Improve Quality of Life; It's hard to put a dollar-amount value on quality of life.

How much, for example, would you pay to enjoy a less-stressful day, or to avoid

catching the flu? When all of the aforementioned benefits to green architecture and

sustainable design are added up, the enhanced lifestyles shared by all of society

makes sense, both economically and environmentally.

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Q: Who uses green building?
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