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Q: Who wanted harsher plan for reconstruction true or false?
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The wanted a harsher plan of reconstruction?


Which wanted a harsher plan of reconstruction?

Radical Republicans

Which of these wanted a harsher plan of reconstruction?

Radical Republicans

What did the Radical Republicans do to protect African American rights list three things?

provisions Johnson wanted in his RECONSTRUCTION PLAN

What reconstruction plan was easiest for the south?

lincoln's plan was definitely the most lenient.

True or False Lincoln refused to sign the Republicans' plan for reconstruction?

Lincoln did refuse to sign the Republicans' plan for reconstruction. Lincoln had developed his own plan which was more lenient toward the south.

Why did radicals wanted to impeach Andrew Johnson?

They did not like his reconstruction plan

What are the main points of each plan for reconstruction?

Sending the military into the South

Who wanted to punish the Confederate states during Reconstruction?

Andrew Johnson wanted to punish the Southerners during Reconstruction. However, Lincoln was against this tactic and chose a more diplomatic approach.

Why did Republicans in Congress dislike Johnson's Reconstruction plan?

Because Andrew Johnson wanted easy terms for the south but the congress wanted to punish the south.

Who won reconstruction?

The reconstruction plan that had won was the Andrew Johnson's Plan.

How was president Johnson's reconstruction plan similar and different from president Lincoln ten percent plan?

well president Lincoln wanted to end slavery but on the other hand president Johnson wanted to keep it.