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Who was Askia?

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Askia the great:A king of the Songhai empire- born in 1442, died in 1538, full name: Muhammad Ture. From: Soninke

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How did askia the askia the great?

about 35 years

Was askia Muhammad a ruler?

Yes, Askia Muhammad was a ruler.

When was Askia Jones born?

Askia Jones was born in 1971.

When did Askia Daoud die?

Askia Daoud died in 1582.

When did Askia Musa die?

Askia Musa died in 1531.

When did Askia Ishaq I die?

Askia Ishaq I died in 1549.

When was Askia Mohammad I born?

Askia Mohammad I was born in 1443.

When did Askia Mohammad I die?

Askia Mohammad I died in 1538.

Who was the greatest emperor of songhai?

Askia the Great, ie. Askia Mohammed.

Who was the great leader of the Songhai empire?

Askia the Great, ie. Askia Mohammed.

When did Askia Mohammad Benkan die?

Askia Mohammad Benkan died in 1559.

When was Askia M. Touré born?

Askia M. Touré was born in 1938.

When was Regina Askia-Williams born?

Regina Askia-Williams was born in 1967.

Who expands the songhai civilization into a major power?

Askia Mohammed, AKA Askia the Great.

What economic achevements did Askia Toure have?

the economic achievement of Askia Toure are that they had a democracy and a powerful government.=)

Why did Muhammad Ture become known as Askia the Great?

Muhammad Ture chose the title askia, a title of high military rank. Eventually, he became known as Askia the Great.

How did askia Muhammad gain control of songhai?

Askia Muhammad gain his power and respect to get control of songbai

What does askia mean or stand for?

askia means the great leader or warrior. It was the name given to a african king

Why did Askia the Great overthrow Sunni Baru?

Askia The Great overthrew Sunni Baru Because he was not a muslim

What did mansa musa and askia the great have in common?

Mansa Musa and Askia the great both believed that education was important.

Why was Askia Muhammad an important ruler?

Askia Muhammad was an imp ruler because of the achievements he madeex: the spread of Islam

Who is sunni baru?

Askia The Great

Was Mansa Musa Songhais greatest ruler?

No. He was a ruler of Mali, not Songhai. Askia the Great (Askia Mohammed) was the greatest ruler of Songhai.

When did askia the great die?

Askia Mohammed I died in 1538 after falling off his horse and drowning in a river. Oddly the river was at its lowest level because it was not rainy season. He was buried in a Step Pyramid at Gao. He is fondly remembered as Askia the Great.

What did Askia Mohammad do to strengthen his country?

Askia Mohammed the Great encouraged literacy and learning. In the Songhai Empire, there were the best scholars that made Islamic books that are still used today. Askia also spread Islam all over Africa.

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