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Q: Who was Bill Gates best friend during high school?
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What was the name of bill gates high school friend and business partner?

Bill Gates's High school was called Lakeside school (private school) and his business partner was Paul Allen.

Was bill gates good in school?

bill gates was very smart in school

Was bill gates popular in high school?

Bill Gates Was a Nerd

What is bill gates middle school?

Bill Gates attended the Lakeside Private School in Seattle, Washington.

Do Bill Gates have a school?

No, Bill Gates does not have a school. There is currently a school named after Chuck Norris in South Africa though.

What school bill gates was?

Bill Gates went to an elemantry school and then was transferred to the private school, Lakeside, in North Seattle

Did Bill Gates attend high school?

Where did Bill Gates go to High School?? mr.moseby and madam fox secondary school.

Who is Bill Gates best friend?


Who is Bill Gates's best friend?


Where Did Bill Gates go to highschool?

Bill Gates went to Edmond High School.

Bill gates high school?

Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, attended the Lakeside School, Seattle, Washington.

William Henry Bill Gates III what middle school did he go to?

Bill Gates went to Lakeside School in Seattle Washington.