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George Read 1733-1798)Represented Delaware at the Continental Congress. During the Constitutional Convention he served as president of the committee that drafted the document.

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Q: Who was George Read and what did he have to do with the Constitution?
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Why did George Read sign the Constitution?

He didn't sign the Constitution.

Who signed the U.S Constitution twice?

George Read signed the US Constitution twice, because his fellow delegate from Delaware; John Dickinson, was ill, so Dickinson authorized Read to sign his name on the Constitution.

First five signatures on US Constitution?

George Washington George Read Gunning Bedford Jr. John Dickinson Richard Bassett

Which persons signed the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence?

George Read, Roger Sherman, Benjamin Franklin, Robert Morris, George Clymer, and James Wilson.

Which men signed both the constitution and declaration of Independence?

George Read, Roger Sherman, Benjamin Franklin, Robert Morris, George Clymer, James Wilson

Did George Mason sign the Constitution?

No, George Mason did not sign the Constitution.

Who signed both the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution?

Roger Sherman from Connecticut; George Clymer, Ben Franklin, Robert Morris and James Wilson from Pennsylvania; and George Read from Delaware.

Was George Washington on the declaration of independence or the constitution?


Did George Washington sign the US Constitution?

Yes, George Washington was the first to sign the U.S Constitution!

When was George Read born?

George Read was born on September 18, 1733.

When did George Read Sage die?

George Read Sage died in 1898.

When was George Read Sage born?

George Read Sage was born in 1828.

Where can one read the US Constitution?

If you would like to read the US Constitution you can read this many different places. There are many museums around the US that have the US Constitution in them, and if that fails there is always online.

What constitution did George Washington sign after the American revolution?


What year did George Washington sign the Constitution?

1787 and it was the ratification of the Constitution not the Constitution itself.

Who had the name george and did not sign the u.s constitution?

George Mason

When did George E. Read die?

George E. Read died in 1910.

When was George E. Read born?

George E. Read was born in 1838.

How did George Washington learn to read and write?

George Washington Learn How To Read Because His Mother Taught Him How To Read When He Was Little.!

When was George Read president?

There was never a U.S. President named George Read, but there was a George Read who was President of Delaware from October 20, 1777 to March 31, 1778.

How many signers of the US Constitution were also signers of the Declaration of Independence?

Six. From Pennsylvania, Robert Morris, Ben Franklin, George Clymer and James Wilson; from Delaware, George Read; and from Connecticut, Roger Sherman.

When was George Windle Read born?

George Windle Read was born on 1860-11-19.

When did George Windle Read die?

George Windle Read died on 1934-11-06.

Did George Washington sign the Constitution?


Who was the oldest framer of the Constitution?