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Who was Gilbert Allan Geist Art and Architecture Texas A and M 1930?


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December 14, 2009 5:20PM

Gilbert Allan Geist (1880-1937)
G. A. Geist taught painting, drawing and architecture at Texas A&M for 23 years from 1910 to 1933. The primary record of his work can be found in the A&M annual yearbooks during his tenure. His art work and drawings decorate and enliven those annuals published during the 1920s. After retiring from Texas A&M he moved to Philadelphia and worked as an architect for the federal government. He died in Philadelphia in 1937 at the age of only 53, and was buried in Muncy, Pennsylvania.

To date little of his art work has emerged, but the excellent illustrations and drawings found in the A&M annuals indicate that he was an artist of great skill. A generation of Architecture students at A&M received their first artistic training from Geist who continued the tradition of fine arts instruction began at the college by Samuel Gideon with the founding of an architectural track within the College of Engineering in 1904. The 1929, 1930, and other years A&M annuals have many fine works by Geist in them.

Source: Texas Painters Sculptors, and graphics Artists: A Biographical Dictionary of Artists in Texas before 1942, John and Deborah Powers, Woodmont Books, Austin, Texas, 2000, p. 185. And information taken from vintage copies of the Texas A&M annual, the Longhorn - James G. Baker.

Geist also worked on the Baylor College annual of 1920 and probably others around the state. In 1917, he produced a poster for the U.S. Government depicting a Japanese soldier.- James G. Baker.