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King John was the King of England from 1199 to 1216. King John was born on Christmas Eve of 1166. He died on October the 18th of 1216. he was the youngest son King Henry.

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Q: Who was King John?
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Who king John?

who is king john

Was King John clever?

Was king John clever

Was king John a hero or villain?

king john was not!

What did king John do to his people?

what did king john do to its people

Was king john a good solider?

Yes king john was good soldier.

Who was the worst king King John or king Henry?

my friend it is king henry because king john is a good king in them days

When did King John become king?

John became King in 1199 after his brother, King Richard I, died.

Who was king before and after King John the 1?

The King before King John I was his father, Richard II

Who was king John III?

England has but 1 King John....

Why King John was a worse king then King Richard?

because king john was actually a gangster in those times

Why is king John school called king John school?

Because king john was a famous hunter and he hunted the woods by where king john stands now so when they built the school they named it after him.

Does King John deserve the name bad King John?

no he was innocent

Was bad King John before Henry the VIII?

bad king john was before king Henry VIII

Who did King John replace as the King of England?

King John succeeded his brother King Richard (Richard the Lionheart) in 1199.

Did King John work hard as a king?

yes king john was a great king and I know this because i go to church.

When was King John crowned king?

When was king John crowned king?King John was crowned king on the 6 April 1199 right up until his death in 19th of October 1216 when he dead choking on food.

What bad deeds did king john do?

King john Killed his nephew king arthur and he did alot more

What is cool about King John?

he was a king

Did King John like King Richard?

As far as I know, King John and King Richard had no problems with each other when they were young.

When did king john die?

king john died in 1216 when he was visiting his mother

Opinions on king John?

king John was described as a nasy suspicious person.

Did King John sign the Magna Carta or stamp it?

King John signed it.

When was The King John School created?

The King John School was created in 1958.

When did John William King die?

John William King died in 1953.

When was John William King born?

John William King was born in 1908.