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James V

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Q: Who was Mary Queens of Scots dad?
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Who was Mary queens of Scots mother?

Mary's Queen of Scots mother was Mary de Guise from French family.

What similarities did elizabeth 1st and Mary queen of Scots have?

They were both queens. Apart from that there were very few similarities.

How many queens has Britain had?

7: Mary, Queen of Scots; Lady Jane Grey; Mary I; Elizabeth I; Mary II; Anne; Victoria; and Elizabeth II.

Who was Mary queen of Scots dad?

James V of Scotland, he died 6 days after Mary was born and Mary named her son after him.

Who was the dad of James I?

Henry Stuart (Lord Darnley) and Mary, Queen of Scots, were the parents of James the first.

Was Mary Queen of Scots an only child?

Mary was far from being an only child. She had nine half-siblings through her dad's affairs.

Who is one of most famous Scottish Queens in History?

Probably Mary - Queen of Scots or Queen Margaret, wife of Malcolm III.

What was Queen Mary I's nickname?

Bloody Mary! This handle refers to many executions she ordered, not her own blood, as was the case with Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots. Many confuse the two queens.

Why do people think that Queen Mary of Scots was 1st cousin to elizabeth the first when in fact they have the same father king Henry the 8th which made the 2 queens half sisters?

No !! Mary Queen of Scots & Elizabeth do not have the same father ! Elizabeths 1/2 sister is Mary Tudor, Queen Mary I. Mary Queen of Scots is Mary Stuart, mother of James VI of Scotland, James I of England. She is Elizabeths cousin not her half sister. Mary I is Elizabeths 1/2 sister. Mary I & Mary, Queen of Scots are two (2) different people !

When was Mary the queen of Scots exicuted?

Mary Stuart, or Mary, Queen of Scots was executed in l587.

Did Mary Queen of Scots really live?

Yes, Mary Queen of Scots lived

When was Mary Tudor queen of Scots born?

There was no Mary Tudor, Queen of Scots. Mary, Queen of Scots was a Stuart who was the great granddaughter of Henry VII. Mary Tudor, Queen of England was her cousin. Mary Queen of Scots was born December 8, 1542.

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