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Who was Peter Guastella who made the first hamburger?

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Q: Who was Peter Guastella who made the first hamburger?
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Where was the hamburger first made?

The hamburger was first made in Germany.

What year was the first hamburger made?

Attila the Hun made the first hamburger , so it has been around for thousands of years.

How was the first hamburger made?

With pork

Why is a hamburger called a hamburger instead of a beefburger?

One story is that it was made first in Hamburg, Germany.

When were hamburgers made?

the first hamburger was made 1484 in Hamburg, Germany, which is why they call them "hamburgers."

Is a hamburger whole grain?

No. A hamburger is made of meat.

What were major events that happened in Connecticut?

Connecticut made America's first Hamburger.

Where was the first hamburger made in the us?

Type your answer here... st. louis worldfare 1904

In what state or city was the hamburger made in?

the hamburger originated in hamburg, hence the name and why it has no ham in itthe hamburger was made in 1958 when they the discover the species known as a cow

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Are hamburger meat made out of people from hamburgs?

No, hamburger meat comes from cows.

Who makes Hamburger Helper mixes?

Hamburger Helper mixes are made by General Mills

What kind of ground meat is hamburger?

A hamburger patty is made of ground beef from a cow.

What is hamburger made of?

Goo stuff

Who was the mechanic who made the first prototype?

peter desaga

Who made the first industrial pill?

Peter Viagra

How are burgers made?

Hamburger meat is made by grinding beef from cattle (cows). A hamburger is made by forming ground beef into a thick flat patty and cooking it.

Why is salsbury steak called hamburger steaks?

They are made from ground beef, the same ingredient as hamburger.

Who was the first person who made awatch?

Peter Henlein made the first watch in 1504 in Nuremberg, Germany.

Can ferrets eat hamburger?

Yes if the hamburger is made of 100% meat. If the hamburger has any breadcrumbs, herbs or spices then feeding it to a ferret would not be recommended

Is hamburger an element or compound?

Well, since HAMBURGER or Hb isn't in the Periodic Table, a hamburger is a compund. It is made up of many diff. substances

What does Applebee's do to a hamburger to make it have so many more weight watcher points than a standard hamburger?

The size of the hamburger is bigger and is made with more ingredients.

Does hamburger have pork in it?

actually no it is not made from pork

What is McDonald's hamburger meat made of?


What year was the modern hamburger made in?