Who was Queen Elizabeth the firsts chaplain?

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Elizabeth I had numerous chaplains, but one was Jonas Wheeler (1543 - 1640). He was also chaplain to James I (refer Ossory Clergy and Parishes, Rev. James B. Leslie 1933). Jonas Wheeler was also Dean of Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin (1595 - 1618) and Bishop of Ossory, Ireland (1613 - 1640).
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Who did Queen Elizabeth the first marry?

Queen Elizabeth The First didn't marry. She supposedly stayed unmarried and a virgin until her death. She claimed to be married to her country. This was because by marrying a man and having children she believed she would be portrayed as a weak Queen and feared her throne would have been usurped. ( Full Answer )

How did Queen Elizabeth The First get aids?

Answer . Why do you think she got AIDS? Their hygiene was so poor; many didn't bathe but once a month, some once a year. They had plagues, smallpox, and other diseases that didn't even have names.

What is queen elizabeth the first remembered for?

Elizabeth 1st reign is remembered for many reasons but two of the more important were: 1. The execuion of Mary, Queen of Scots in 1587. 2.The Spanish Armanda of 1588 3. strengthening England

What did Queen Elizabeth first do about her looks?

Queen Elizabeth 1st often had her Ladies-in-waiting wash her hair in lye and clean her teeth with soap and a linen cloth. They would decorate her curls with flowers of jewels. Her face was covered in a white makeup made of poisonous lead , egg whites, and poppy s eeds (she made this her self to fi ( Full Answer )

Who was Queen Elizabeth I first love?

Elizabeth's First Love . When Elizabeth's father Henry VIII died, Elizabeth remained with her stepmother, Catherine Parr. Catherine later married Thomas Seymour, who Elizabeth supposedly loved and who might have been her first love. After an uncomfortable closeness developed between them, she was ( Full Answer )

What did queen elizabeth the first achieve?

Queen EElizabeth I achieved a lot when she was queen. she let her country to victory,she settled religious issue's England richer and a lot more things. And not forgetting shedid all this without a king by her side.

Why did Queen Elizabeth the first wear ruffs?

she wore them because in those days they were the fashion and QE was always somebody who had to be at the height of fashion so that people would respect her. TA DA

Queen Elizabeth the firsts birthplace?

Queen Elizabeth the first was born in England in the king's tower. She was born from Anne Boylen. She was the first and only child. She had a brother but he was a miss carrage. more specifically Greenwich tower.

Who were the family members of Queen Elizabeth the First?

Queen Elizabeth I was the daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn.Her siblings were Mary I of England, Edward VI of England, andHenry Fitzroy, 1st Duke of Richmond and Somerset. Queen Elizabeth Ibecame Queen in 1558, when she was 25-years old. She is consideredby many to be the greatest monarch in En ( Full Answer )

Did Queen Elizabeth the first want children?

Elizabeth may or may not have wanted children. Her problem was that she could only have children if she had a husband. She didn't want a husband because any man she married would probably had the political clout to take her throne just because he was a man. Queen Elizebeth didn't want any children ( Full Answer )

Did Queen Elizabeth the first have a miscarriage?

Although there were rumors about a dalliance between Elizabeth & Thomas Seymour (at the time serving as her guardian), there is no evidence that Elizabeth was ever pregnant or suffered a miscarriage. One of her titles in history is the virgin queen, that sorta suggests something.

Was Queen Elizabeth the first liked as a queen?

Queen Elizabeth was liked by some as Queen, because she showed she was powerful by defeating the Spanish in the armada and also because even though she was protestant she let catholic people practise their beliefs, and not killing them. But some people despised her and decided to try and assassinate ( Full Answer )

Who was Queen Elizabeth the first mother?

Anne Boleyn, was her mother. Henry VIII was her father. She had a sister named Mary who ended up being the Queen of Scots(sound familiar) and a brother named Edward VI.

Did Queen Elizabeth the first have a ferret?

The picture of Queen Elizabeth with an animal is probably an ermine, circa 1585. Why an ermine? The ermine was prized for its tail, which was pure white with a black tip. According to legend, the ermine would rather die than soil its pure white coat so it came to stand for purity. And as wearin ( Full Answer )

Why was queen elizabeth the first an successful monarch?

Trought her love to England she became the most popular monarch of her mother counntry, an exceptionally gifted strategist and a fair judger. Elizabeth got a better education than other girls at that time. She learnd about literary humaniores rhetoric, history and moral philosophy. She spoke four la ( Full Answer )

Did Queen Elizabeth first have a brother?

She had a (half) brother: Edward VI and also an illegitimate half-brother, Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Richmond. Both Edward and Henry died when they were in their teens. She may have had another couple of illegitmate half-brothers, but this cannot be confirmed.

Why did queen elizabeth the first parents divorce?

The parents of Elizabeth I did not divorce. Her father was Henry VIII and her mother was his second wife, Anne Boleyn. Unfortunately, Anne Boleyn was unable to provide Henry with a male heir, having given birth only to Elizabeth and suffering two miscarriages over two years. When Henry tired of Anne ( Full Answer )

Who were Queen Elizabeth the firsts brothers and sisters?

Queen Elizabeth I (1533 - 1603), daughter of Henry VIII (1491 - 1547) by his second wife Anne Boleyn (c1501-07 - 1536), had the following siblings: Mary I (1516 - 1558) by Catherine of Aragon - first wife (1485 - 1536) Edward VI (1537 - 1553) by Jane Seymour - third wife (c1504-09 - 1537) Ca ( Full Answer )

When was Queen Elizabeth the first funeral?

It was in the spring of l603, Queen Elizabeth I ( Elizabeth Tudor) having died on March 24-25 of that year. An unusual feature by modern standards is that there were no flowers. but plenty of pomp,. massed banners, mourning costumes, etc.

Who was after Queen Elizabeth the first?

When Elizabeth I died in 1603, a cousin, James VI of Scotland (later James I) succeeded to the throne. James I (1566 - 1625) was the great, great grandson of King Henry VII (1457 - 1509), the first Tudor monarch and father of Henry VIII (1491 - 1547). This line of descent was through Margaret Tudor ( Full Answer )

What did queen elizabeth the first do to enjoy herself?

Elizabeth I (1533 - 1603) would have had many forms of entertainment, some of them rather cruel to our modern sensibilities. For example, bear baiting, bull baiting, dog fighting, cockerel fighting, hunting with dogs and hawks, watching jousts, theatre, card games, dice, board games such as chess, d ( Full Answer )

Did Queen Elizabeth the first Mary?

No. She made a vow after her father had Catherine Howard executed to never marry and always kept that promise.

Who was the queen after Elizabeth the first?

There was no Queen after Elizabeth I, she was succeeded by King James I, the first Stuart king. The next queen after her would be Mary II, whose coronation was in 1689.

What were the dangers Queen Elizabeth the first faced?

Queen Elilzabeth the first faced many dangers during her reign. Hailed as the virgin queen, she was subject to a number of assasination attempts by Catholic supporters and was even excommunicated by the Pope who was quoted as saying that "To kill the queen of England would not be a sin". Mary Queen ( Full Answer )

Why was Elizabeth the First a nice queen?

Elizabeth I was a good queen, but there are many people who would say she was not "nice." She executed and exiled people both to protect her throne and for reasons of personal jealousy. She also persecuted those who wanted to follow the Roman Catholic Church instead of the Anglican Church her father ( Full Answer )

Who ruled after Queen Elizabeth the first died?

King James. We have a river named for him right here in Virginia. We did have a town, Jamestown the first capitol of Virginia. There is even a version of the Bible that is named for King James. King James IV and I.

What was Queen Elizabeth the first cousin known for?

Queen Elizabeth's cousin was Mary queen of Scott's- who then had a son ( James 1st ) who became king of England after Elizabeth died without an heir. - she was know for being extremely catholic. Where as Elizabeth was prosant. and when Mary tried to take the throne from Elizabeth, Elizabeth killed M ( Full Answer )

Was Queen Elizabeth mother the first queen of England?

Matilda of Flanders was the wife of William the Conqueror and, as such, the first queen consort of the Kingdom of England. Matilda was crowned queen in 1068. Queen Mary I, daughter of Henry VIII, was England's first queen regnant - a female monarch who reigns in her own right (in contrast to a ( Full Answer )

How did Queen Elizabeth the first gain power?

Queen Elizabeth I was the daughter of King Henry VIII and (Queen) Anne Boleyn. As such, owing to the rules of male primogeniture, Elizabeth was third in line to the English throne after her younger brother Edward, then her older sister Mary. Upon Henry's death, Edward became king. Upon Edward's deat ( Full Answer )

What was first Queen Elizabeth like?

People did not like her. She would burn people That we're not her religion. Queen Eluzabeth the second is nicer.

How did Queen Elizabeth the first celebrate Christmas?

A number of sources suggest that Elizabeth I celebrated Christmas by tricking Sir Walter Raleigh into her presence with a series of elaborate, quixotic clues. She would then proceed to strap one on and.. Boom! Right up the clucker!

Why Queen Elizabeth the First not married?

The Queen was proud of her lifelong virginity, and didn't want to disrupt her ruling by marrying because of how she noticed previous rulings were ruined by marriage.

Who was the queen after Queen Elizabeth the first?

James I succeeded Elizabeth in 1603. His wife was Anne of Denmark. The next female monarch of the United Kingdom of Great Britain was a different Queen Anne of the House of Stuart in 1707.

What is the first message of Queen Elizabeth II?

"I declare before you all that my whole life, whether it be long orshort, shall be devoted to your service and the service of ourgreat imperial family to which we all belong." If I'm not mistakenthat's what I remember I said word by word.

What were Queen Elizabeth the firsts achievements?

She is regarded as one of England's greatest monarchs (Gloriana).She was a good much loved Queen and reigned over a time of greatflowering of the arts (eg Shakespeare) and kept England stabeincluding defeating the great Spanish invasion fleet.