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Hey was Dally's frienmy who had suspected that Dallas slashed his tires. But it as actually Two-bit who did it. Dally took the blame for it.

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Q: Who was Timothy Shepherd and why was he looking for dally?
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Who was timothy Shepherd and why was he looking for Dally winston?

Tim Shepherd is looking for Dally in Chapter 2 because someone slashed the tires on his car, and Tim's brother Curly "spotted Dally doing it".

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Why was Tim Shepard looking for Dally?

Because Dally slashed Tim shepards tires.

Why does the gang go looking for Dally?

Dally calls the Curtis residence and tells Darry the police are looking for him because he stole from a store.

Why does tow-bit tell them that Tim Shepard is looking for dally?

Dally slashed Tim's tires to his car.

How does dally look in The Outsiders?

He is a tough looking bright blonde greaser.

What information did dally bring ponyboy and johnny?

Dally told the boys that they were being wanted by the police and that the police is looking for the boys somewhere in texas

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What news from home does Dally bring to his friends at the church?

that all of the gang is looking for them and two-bit is in california looking for them.

How does dally look in The Outsiders book?

He is a tough looking bright blonde greaser.

Who are Dally's parents?

James Timothy Daly was born to James Daly and Hope Newell on March 1, 1956. He has one sister Tyne Daly.

How does timothy attempt to signal the airplanes?

he attempt happy because he think that they looking for they

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