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Valentines Day was for Saint Valentine. Most stores just wanted to make it a holiday so they could get money by selling candy so they started the holiday Valentines day on the feast day of Saint Valentine

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there is no school on valentines day

Valentines Day is on the 14th of February. (Sunday)

valentines day is on February 14th

Valentines day is named after Saint Valentine

Valentines Day! love ya Valentines Day! love ya Valentines Day! love ya

When you have a Valentine for Valentines Day , you will start dating them on that day (Valentines Day)

It was named after Saint Valentine.

Because of st. valentines. that and it's just a great idea. i was born on valentines day and love it so much

No, Valentines day is all marketing.

I don't know but my cousin got married on Valentines day.

"Melcome Valentines ken" Happy valentines day in Amharic.

Valentines day wasn't invented actually it was a person. He was a person who gave love to the world and this is the day we celebrate it.

You get it on Valentines Day butt u cant get it no more because Valentines Day passed so Next year on Valentines Day try 2 get it..

well it came out in February on the 18th because it was called valentines day and it came out 3 day after valentines day

valentines day is February the 14th

For me it means Happy Valentines Day. It is a special day that lovers can express their feeling for one another.

the St. valentines day massacre happened on February 14, 1929

What day is Valentines in Columbia?

Valentines day is not dangerous

indians look upon valentines day as a day of valentines and cats or turtles. whichever you perfer. x0x0 :*

Valentines day is a celebration of love between anyone. Valentines day is celebrated by lesbians at the same time as everyone else.

No, valentines is for the women. It's a girl holiday. Show your appreciation through a card or verbally on valentines day, that's all men want.

Valentines day is February the 14th. Great day :)

Valentines Day is on February 14, 2013.