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Queen Elizabeth the 1st. The virgin Queen.

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Q: Who was Virginia named after?
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Who was West Virginia named after?

Virginia was named in honor of Queen Elizabeth I. West Virginia seceded from Virginia when Virginia seceded from the Union. West Virginia is not named after anyone, per se.

What was the state of Virginia named for?

Virginia was named for Queen Elizabeth I.

Which southeastern state has a capital named Richmond?

The state that has a capital named Richmond is Virginia (Richmond, Virginia) Virginia.

Why was Virginia Dare so important?

because she was the first girl born in the united states. she was born in virginia and they named it after her ANSWER: Virginia Dare was the first English child born in America; I believe Virginia was already named after their virgin queen, and they named Virginia(girl) was named after the place.

What was Virginia named after?

Virginia was named after Queen Elizabeth I, who was often referred to as "the virgin queen."

West Virginia was named after?

Virginia which was named for Queen Elizabeth I known as the Virgin Queen.

Who is West Virginia named after?

West Virginia is named after England's Queen Elizabeth I, the "Virgin Queen"

What was Williamsburg Virginia originally named?

The town of Middle Plantation in Virginia was later named Williamsburg

Who was the first person named Virginia?

Virginia dare i think

Colony of Virginia was named in honor of?

The colony of Virginia was named after England's Queen Elizabeth I, she was called "The Virgin Queen".

How was Virginia named?

"Virginia" was a title for Queen Elizabeth who never got married and claimed that she was a virgin. The state was named after the queen.

Is Virginia a state or commonwealth?

It is a US state named "The Commonwealth of Virginia".

What US state has a capital named Richmond?

Virginia or West Virginia

Who is Jamestown named after?

Jamestown, Virginia, was named for King James I of England.

How the state of West Virginia got its name?

It was named after Virginia which was named after Queen Elizabeth I, because she was called the virgin queen. It was going to be named Kanawha but the Legislature came to their senses.

Who is Virginia named after?

well Virginia was nicknamed Old Dominion; Mother of Presidents

What is the importance of Virginia Hamilton's name?

She was named after her grandfather's home state. Virginia.

Who was Wood County West Virginia named after?

Governor James Wood of Virginia.

When was Virginia named after Queen Elizabeth?

Virginia first received its name in 1584.

Why was wv named wv?

West Virginia got its name because it succeeded from Virginia and is west of Virginia hence West Virginia.

Who was Dawes West Virginia named after?

It was named after me Juergen Dawes Originally from Jamaica

Does anyone have a lot of info about how Virginia was named and who named it?

Named after Queen Elizabeth I known as the Virgin Queen.

What southereastern state has the capital named Virginia?

No US state capital is called Virginia

What was named after the virgin queen?

The state of Virginia.

Who named Virginia?

Sir Walter Raleigh