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Q: Who was WWI central force leader?
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Who was commanding Europe in WW1?

There were many different commanders in Europe during WWI, as each country had their own. The leader of the UK during WWI was first Herbert Asquith and then David Lloyd George. The leader of France during WWI was Georges Clemenceau. The leader of Italy during WWI was first Antonio Salandra and then Vittorio Orlando. The leader of Serbia during WWI was King Peter I. The leader of Russia during WWI was Czar Nicholas II. The leader of Germany during WWI was Kaiser Wilhelm II. The leader of Austria-Hungary during WWI was first Franz Joseph I and then Karl I. The leader of the Ottoman Empire during WWI was Mehmed V. The leader of Bulgaria during WWI was Czar Ferdinand I.

Central powers of wwi?

Germany, Italy, Austria-Hungary

Who were the central powers during WWI?

Germany, Italy and Austria-Hungary.

Why are the opposing armies referred to as 'central powers'?

I believe that was only in WWI. And Germany and Austria-Hungary were in Central Europe.

Who was the world war 1 central force leader?


Who were the axis powers in World War I?

The bad guys were called the "Central Powers" in WWI.

What are central force?

A force between two particles that is not directed along the line connecting them; for example, a tensor force between two nucleons. anything that is not central force is a non central force. study about central forces to understand this better.

What is the name of the G-Force squad leader?

Darwin is the leader of G-Force squad.

What is exactly is the Treaty of Versailles?

The Treaty of Versailles was a peace treaty between the Allies and Central Powers to end WWI. And which put virtually all the blame of WWI on Germany.

Which U.S. military force was the first to enter World War 1?

Which U.S. military force was the first to enter WWI?

What is the opposite of an Ally power?

If you are referring to WWI, then it is the Central Powers. If you are referring to WWII, then it is the Axis Powers.

Who was the leader of the US at the end of World War 1?

The president of the US at the end of WWI was Woodrow Wilson.