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The Patriot's first name was Patrick.

His name is Patrick Henry, known for his famous speech "Give me liberty or give me death"

Patrick Henry
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Who was a Virginia patriot whose helped eloquent speeches helpe to stir up resistanceto Britain?

Patrick Henry

Did German attacks on Britain strengthen Britain's resistance?

Yes, German attacks on the cities and Churchill's patriotic rallying speeches strengthened the resolve of British civilians.

Why were Churchill's speeches important?

Britain ww2

The Virginian who introduced a resolution calling for freedom and independence from Great Britain was?

Richard Henry Lee.

The Virginian who introduced a resolution calling for freedom and independence from Great Britain?

Richard Henry Lee.

Who were the country's that were fighting Hitler?

America, Russia, Britain, Canada, French Resistance, Danish Resistance.

How did Gandhi get independence from Britain?

Through resistance without violence

How colonist showed resistance from Britain?

Threw the tea into the Boston Harbor.

Who is PM of Great Britain during World War 2?

Winston Churchill was the heroic Prime minister during WWII giving speeches keeping morale high in Britain

Why did war hawks wanted war with Britain?

They were tired of the native American resistance

What politician from Massachusetts helped form the Sons of Liberty and gave speeches urging colonists to declare independence from Britain?

Samuel Adams was a politician from Massachusetts that had a big role in helping to form the Sons of Liberty. He was responsible for giving speeches that encouraged the colonists to declare their independence from Britain and is often referred to as the instigator of the Revolutionary War.

Was Winston Churchill a charasmatic leader?

yes, his speeches are famous for uplifting the people of great Britain during world war two

What has the author Godfrey Locker Lampson written?

Godfrey Locker Lampson has written: 'An outline of financial procedure in the House of Commons' -- subject(s): Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons, Great Britain 'Oratory, British and Irish' -- subject(s): Speeches, addresses, etc., Irish, Speeches, addresses, etc., English 'Songs of the heart'

How did the invasion affect Frances alliance with great britain?

During WW II, when France was occupied by the Third Reich, Britain retained its alliance with the French resistance.

What kept resistance to revolution alive in the south after 1776?

Washington forcing the British out is what kept the resistance to revolution alive in the south after 1776. The citizens of American wanted their freedom from Britain.

Why did Britain and Spain support Native American resistance movements?

They wanted to establish a positive relationship with the u.s.

What country was attacked from the air by Germany and helped them?

Great Britain was attacked by Germany and was aided by the US in its resistance.

Why was Winston Churchill so important in Britain during World War 2?

Because he gave inspirational speeches to the British people and convinced them that Britain would eventually win the war when many people believed that it couldn't be done.

How did Winston Churchill rally the British people?

By making inspirational speeches at a time when many people thought that Britain was on the verge of being overrun by Nazi Germany.

How did the Holocaust get discovered?

A steady stream of reports reached Britain and the US from the Polish resistance from November 1941 onwards.

Who did the concept of nonviolent resistance is best illustrated by the activities of what?

2. Indians struggling for independence from great Britain by Roberta

Which is one way that Indians practiced nonviolent resistance in an attempt to gain independence from Britain?

They boycotted British products.

Who organised the french resistance?

Jean Moulin of the National Council of Resistance (CNR) organized all the loosely associated resistance groups under the CNR and they cooperated with General De Gaulle who was in Britain. The groups did cooperate with Jean Moulin and the spy networks of England and the US.

What steps did Britain take to punish Massachusetts for the colonists' acts of resistance?

They wrote a book called "Punishment the Colonies"

The first written agreement among the colonies to stand together in resistance to Great Britain was?

a result of the First Continental Congress

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