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myar wolfshine the man that supposedly chaged or helped the World Series in Baseball

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Famous African- American poets during 1920S?

Langston hughes

All famous people in 1920's?

Who Is The Famous Person In 1920s

How was life for African-Americans in the 1920s?

How was life in the 1920s for African Americans?

Who was the most famous gangster from the 1920s?

who were the most famous gangsters from the 1920s?

African American trumpet player and jazz singer from New Orleans and became famous in the 1920s?

Louis Armstrong

Who were some of the heroes of the 1920s?

Some of the heroes during the 1920s were....Jacob Lawrence, an African American artist and painted the Great MigrationLangston Hughes, an African American poetLouis Armstrong, a famous African American jazz playerDuke Ellington, a band leader and a piano playerBabe Ruth,a famous baseball player and played for the New York YankeesAmelia Earhart, the first person to fly solo across the Pacific OceanCharles Lindbergh, the first person to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean

What industry did not prosper in the 1920s?

the ones who did not prosper in the 1920s was African Americans and farmers

What was not a famous dance of the 1920s?

flapper A+

Which of these was not a famous dance in the 1920s?


What are some famous quotes about the 1920s?

A famous quote that was said in the 1920s was, ''Everything I know I learned after I was thirty.' This was said by Georges Clemenceau.

How were African Americans treated in the South in the 1920s?


What was the famous dancers in the 1920s?

Sally Rand

Who are famous musicians from the 1920s?

Louie Armstrong

When did Norman Rockwell become famous?


A famous writer of the 1920s?

bob canley

What foods were famous in the 1920s?

octopus and leprachauns

Who were famous singers in the 1920s?

Leow Chance

The famous gangster of the 1920s?

Fred Flinstone

Who was a famous poet in the 1920s?

rob de

Who was famous in the 1920s from Washington?

john scopes

What group of people did not prosper in the 1920s'?

African Americans and farmers

Who are some famous 1920s criminals?

Capone. Hard to get more famous than him.

Music in the 1920s?

Basically, the music in the 1920s was Jazz with the famous artist Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald.

Who was nicknamed the “Empress of the Blues” and became the highest-paid African American entertainer of the 1920s?

Bessie Smith Smith

Where had most African Americans come from in the Harlem of the 1920s?

south or Caribbean

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