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Q: Who was associated with the Watergate break-in?
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What was Nixon's role at Watergate?

# Nixon did not order the Watergate breakin. His crime was covering it up once he was told about the break in.

Which president associated with Watergate?

The Watergate affair was the downfall of Richard Nixon.

Which president is associated with the Watergate?


What scandal is Richard Nixon associated with?


Which president was associated with Watergate?

Richard M. Nixon

What did the House Judiciary committee seek in the supenas it served against Nixon?

because it became obvious he had knowledge of the Watergate breakin and coverup...

What president was accociated with Watergate?

Richard M. Nixon was associated with the Watergate scandal, which ultimately led to his resignation in 1974.

What was the name given for the breakin of the democratic national headquarters?

It is called Watergate, which is the name of the hotel where the democratic national headquarters was located and where the break-in took place.

Do you think Nixon's actions in the Watergate scandal should overshadow his administrations accomplishments?

Perhaps not, but the Nixon Administration will always be associated with the Watergate Scandal.

Where did the term Watergate come from?

This term came from the breakin of the Watergate hotel that was used as site for the Democratic party during Nixon presidency.Subsequent history has proven that breakin with those employed in the Republican party of Richard Nixon.The people were jailed and Nixon was impeached as a direct result of that which was confirmed in the infamous Nixon Whitehouse tapes. Improvement: NO. That is NOT true. Nixon was NOT impeached, you dumb people. He RESIGNED. God.

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