Who was bamboo harvester?

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Q: Who was bamboo harvester?
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What was the name of the horse that played Mr Ed?

Mr. Ed's real name was Bamboo Harvester.

What was Mr Eds real name?

Mr. Ed's real name was Bamboo Harvester. He was an American Saddlebred.

Was Mr. Ed a mare or filly?

Neither. Mr. Ed was a gelding, real registered name Bamboo Harvester.

What breed of horse was the title character on Mister Ed?

Mister Ed was a Palomino American Saddlebred, real name Bamboo Harvester.

Peanut butter was reportedly used to get Bamboo Harvester's gums flapping but the voice that emerged belonged to Rocky Lane What TV animal was this?

Mr. Ed

Who was a famous Saddlebred trick horse appeared on an episode of Green Acres And who was the trainer?

Bamboo Harvester , the horse that also played as Mister Ed , was trained by Les Hilton .

Did mr ed get attached to Wilbur?

If you are asking whether the actual horse who played Mister Ed became attached to the actor who played Wilbur, by all accounts, the answer is yes. The horse, whose real name was "Bamboo Harvester" had a trainer named Les Hilton, who taught him various tricks which the gelding was able to perform on cue. But Bamboo Harvester absolutely did bond with Alan Young, the actor who played the role of Wilbur, and often sought his approval, especially if his trainer seemed displeased with how he had performed.

What is the Hebrew word for harvester?

a male harvester = kotser (קוצר) a female harvester = kotseret (קוצרת)

What is a harvester?

A harvester is a person who harvest or produce food.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Light Harvester - 2014?

The cast of The Light Harvester - 2014 includes: John Bach as The Light Harvester

When was International Harvester created?

International Harvester was created in 1902.

When was Harvester - restaurant - created?

Harvester - restaurant - was created in 1983.

What is combine harvester in German?

Combine harvester is der Mähdrescher in German.

What is the hebrew word for 'Diligent Harvester'?

a male diligent harvester = kotsehr charuts (קוצר חרוץ) a female diligent harvester = kotseret charutsah (קוצרת חרוצה)

Which company builds and services the Claas Jaguar harvester?

The Claas Jaguar harvester is manufacturer by Claas, a German company established in 1913. The first Jaguar harvester was launched in 1973 and now Jaguar is the best selling Harvester by far.

Do harvester ants burrow?

Yes , Harvester ants do burrow to make out a nest .

When was Harvester of Sorrow created?

Harvester of Sorrow was created on 1988-08-28.

When was International Harvester Loadstar created?

International Harvester Loadstar was created in 1962.

When was Red harvester ant created?

Red harvester ant was created in 1858.

Who created the first combine harvester?


Where is the harvester ant in the desert food chain?

Harvester ants are first level consumers.

Does the harvester restaurant have wifi?

No, but O2 plan for every harvester to have wifi by the end of 2012!

What is better the tractor or harvester for Farmville?

A tractor will plow, the harvester will...harvest. They both have different functions.

When was International Harvester S-Series created?

International Harvester S-Series was created in 1978.

When was International Harvester Metro Van created?

International Harvester Metro Van was created in 1938.