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Bill Phillips was part of the Kitty Wells Road Show until 1976 and worked occassionaly at special shows like the Opry etc. . I saw them a couple of times up here in Canada in the early 60's Mr. Phillips had just an awesome voicew for Country Music at a time when they were still making Country Music. He was active in the 60s thru 80's. The whole show was very enjoyable. Money well spent. Of course in the early 60's you could see a good show for 4 or 5 $. I saw one of his vinyl LPs on $35.00. All his LPs did not get released in Canada but there were some. Years ago I got a still sealed copy of a Greatest Hits LP, which came out up here on the Harmony label I think it was. I believe that was a budget label of Decca.

Bill Phillips did some tracks in 1989 and was sold under Studio 102. This was not his son as some think but Bill himself. Bill's son died 7 yrs ago of pneumonia.

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Q: Who was country singer Bill Phillips?
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