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Q: Who was its learned and what type of government did it favor?
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American Socialists tend to favor what type of government?

American Socialists tend to favor an expanded role for government.

What type of government did America favor first?

The Illuminati/New World Order/1 World Government!

Which type did Montesquieu favor?

The separation of powers between different branches of government

What type of government did george washington favor?

Like the other federalists, President George Washington favored a strong central government. He felt one of the main functions of government was to maintain order.

What type of American ideology favors active government as an instrument of economic redistribution but reject the notion that government should favor a particular set of social values?


What is the prefix meaning of in favor of the Government?

The prefix "pro-" means in favor of or supportive of something. So in this case, the prefix "pro-" would indicate being in favor of the government.

Do anti federalists favor a central government?


What form of government does Aristotle favor?

Aristotle favored a mixed form of government called polity, which blends elements of democracy, aristocracy, and monarchy to create a balanced and stable system. He believed that this type of government could help prevent the pitfalls of tyranny and promote the common good.

What kind of government did Jefferson favor?


Why were the Federalists in favor of a strong government?

It was Hamilton

What kind of government did Voltaire favor?


What kind of government did legalists favor?

A strong government legalisms favored