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The singer heard on The Beatles' version of "Yesterday" is Paul McCartney. While the song itself was written over a single night's sleep, McCartney held onto the melody for over a month, as he was concerned that he had plagiarized the tune from another source.

The original lyrics included the first line, "Scrambled eggs, have an omelette with some Muenster cheese". Any indication that such a line as had been reported, "Scrambled eggs, oh baby how I love your legs" is often dismissed as nonsense by Paul.

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John Lennon was the Beatles rythm guitarist and lead singer

the lead singer of the Beatles was called Paul McCartney. How on earth can anybody not know that they had two? John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Listening to any of their albums will tell you this.

The Beatles were the first to record it. The lead singer was Paul McCartney.

Broadly: John Lennon was lead singer, songwriter and rhythm guitarist. Paul McCartney was lead singer, songwriter and bass player. George Harrison was backing/occasional lead singer/songwriter, lead guitarist. Ringo Starr was very occasional lead singer, drummer.

There was a song by the Beatles called "Yesterday" that came out in 1965.

Yesterday and today album and the help album.

Yesterday was written solely by Paul and performed only by him.

Yellow Submarine was the only Beatles single featuring Ringo as the lead singer. With a little help from my friends, however, is probably his best known missed one "Matchbox" hit #17 in the US charts, even though it wasn't written by The Beatles it was sung by RingoYou also missed "Act Naturally". It was not written by Ringo, or any of The Beatles for that matter. It was the B-Side to Yesterday and it got to #47.

The working title of the song Yesterday was Scrambled Eggs

If you mean The Beatles Yesterday, then it's on Help. Its a GREAT song on a GREAT album

Yesterday by the Beatles

· Yesterday - The Beatles

The Beatles did not have an album called Yesterday; however, they did release a song entitled "Yesterday" on 6 August 1965 which was recorded in the same year on 14 June. The song itself is on the album "Help!"

George Harrison was the lead guitarist for the Beatles.

Paul McCartney wrote the song Yesterday by himself. The Beatles just helped him to sing it but the whole group is not credited with composing the song.

my opinion would be yesterday by the beatles

yesterday by the beatles

It was written in 1964 and recorded in 1965.

Therer was even a album called Yesterday but it is from HELP! or get the one with the title: yesterday: act naturally but I doubt there is an CD for it now.

Paul McCartney sang lead vocals on the song "I Will" from the White Album!

As a single singer it was Elvis, as a band it was the Beatles.

John and paul are considered to be but the all the beatles sang lead at some point


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