Who was living in America before the Pilgrims arrived?

Mainly just Native Americans/Indians lived here, but before the pilgrims there was also a small settlement of Filipinos that settled down in Louisiana around the early 1500's. Where as the pilgrims arrived here around the 1600's. There were also some Norse/Vikings that arrived here in the 1000's, around 400 years before Columbus. They arrived around the north east of America or somewhere around Canada. Although they did arrive here before the pilgrims, they did not technically settle here since they went back to Europe.

Although some, mainly scholars, say that some settled around Canada, It has not yet been fully proven. So technically they did not settle here. Also, Columbus arrived in North America around the 1400's but mainly had established a settlement around the Caribbeans, and he did not stay here in North America, but instead went back to Europe. Although, the area where Columbus had established a settlement was acknowledged as a small colony of Spain.