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Who was made the first honorary citizen of the US?


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Winston Churchill

(chrnonogical order) 1.General Lafayette - a Frenchman who was an officer in American Revolutioning war, is recognized as being the first honorary citizen of the U.S. He was made an honorary citizen of the state of Maryland in 1783, made an honorary citizen of Maryland again in 1823, as well as of Connecticut the same year. He was also recognized as an honorary citizen in a 2002 joint congressional resolution 2.Winston Chruchill - British Prime Minister during World War II, faced fascist Germany alone 1940, his men won Battle of Britain, then led allies throughout rest of the war and an inspiration. (1963) 3.Raoul Wallenberg - Swedish diplomat who rescued Jews in the Holocaust, (1981) 4.William Penn - 17th and 18th century English proprietor and governor of the English North American colony of Pennsylvania, brought democracy to America with Frame of Government, safegaurding Rights of Englishmen. (1984) 5.Hannah Collowin Penn - second wife of William Penn and administrator of Pennsylvania(1984) 6.Mother Teresa - Albanian Catholic nun, who founded the Missionaries in India (1996)