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The members were Jefferson, Randolph, Hamilton, and Knox. Simmons was not a member.

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Q: Who was not a member of George Washingtons first cabinet Was it Edmund Randolph Thomas Jefferson Henry Knox Alexander Hamilton or William Simmons?
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What are washingtons cabinet members names?

Alexander hamilton-secretary of treasury secretary of state- thomas Jefferson secretary of war-Henry knox attorney general-edmand randolph

Who were the members of the first president cabinet?

JEFFERSON,HAMILTON, KNOX,AND RANDOLPH were Washingtons first 4 cabinet members

Who was in George Washingtons first cabinet?

Secretary of State: Thomas Jefferson Secretary of Treasury: Alexander Hamilton Secretary of War: Henry Knox Attorney General: Edmund Jennings Randolph

Who were members of George Washingtons Cabinet back in the lat 1700's?

sec. of state- Thomas Jefferson, sec. of treasury- Alexander Hamilton, sec. of war- Henry Knox, 1st chief justice-john jay, attorney general-Edmund Randolph

What department did Washington create and whom did he appoint to head them?

Department of Foreign Affairs: Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson Treasury Department: Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton War Department: Secretary of War Henry Knox Justice Department: Attorney General Edmund Randolph

What roles did Jefferson and Hamilton have in Washington and administration?

During Washington's administration, Alexander Hamilton was the Secretary of Treasury, and Thomas Jefferson was the Secretary of State. Washington's cabinet also included Secretary of War Henry Knox, and Attorney General Edmund Randolph.

Which of the following set important precedents for the executive branch of government Was it George Washington Alexander Hamilton Edmund Randolph or Thomas Jefferson?

George Washington set precedents for the executive branch.

Alexander Hamilton Edmund Randolph Henry Knox and James Madison were the men chosen by President Washington to serve in the first cabinet.?

No. James Madison was not in the first cabinet. (Thomas Jefferson was.)

Who were the first presidential cabinet holders?

President George Washington's first cabinet: Secretary of State--Thomas Jefferson Secretary of Treasury--Alexander Hamilton Secretary of War--General Henry Knox Attorney-General--Edmund Randolph Postmaster General--Samuel Osgood

Which president was the secretary of the treasury in Washington's cabinet?

He had three : Thomas Jefferson 1790-1793 , Edmund Randolph 1794-1795 and Timothy Pickering 1795-1797 .

How many positions did Washington have in his first cabinet?

4 positions Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson Secretary of War Henry Knox Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton Attorney General Edmund Randolph

How many original cabinet members were there?

The original U.S. cabinet under George Washington was made up of four members. Their names were Thomas Jefferson, Edmund Randolph, Henry Knox, and Alexander Hamilton.