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The Holocaust was in the hands of the SS, which was headed by Heinrich Himmler. One of the main architects of the detailed arrangements for the 'Final Solution' was Reinhard Heydrich (1904-42), an SS-Obergruppenfuehrer (Lieutentant-General) who was so to speak the power behind the throne in the SS. (In May 1942 he was assassinated in Prague by members of the Free Czechoslovak Army who had been parachuted into Bohemia by the RAF. He was the only really senior Nazi to be assassinated. Heydrich had combined many functions and posts and these were later divided. The construction of the death camps at Treblinka, Belzec, Sobibor and Majdanek was called "Operation Reinhard" after him! Heydrich was buried amid much pomp and ceremony in Berlin, but his grave was destroyed by the Allies in 1945 to prevent it becoming a Nazi place of pilgrimage. One of the most notorious Nazis who played an active role in the Holocaust was Adolf Eichmann (1906-62). Joncey See the Related Link for "Wikipedia: Reinhard Heydrich" to the right.

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Who were the main target of the Nazis in the Holocaust?

Jewish people

What group was the MAIN target of the Nazis during the Holocaust?


Which group was the MAIN target of the Nazis during the Holocaust?

Primarily Jews, but other minorities were targeted by the Nazis.

Where the nazis in the holocaust?

Yes, the Nazis were a large part of the Holocaust.

What does the Nazis do to the Jews in the Holocaust?

Nazis killed Jews in the Holocaust.

What was the main fear of the Jews in the holocaust?

they feared being killed or beaten by the Nazis

What two groups of people were involved in the holocaust?

Nazis and Jews were the main two groups.

Why did Nazis target Muslims during the Holocaust?

The Nazis did not target Muslims. That is one of those myths.

How does patriotism relate to the Holocaust?

It was one of the things that the Nazis appealed to in order to get people to perpetrate the Holocaust

Who denies the Holocaust?

Most Holocaust deniers are from one or more of the following groups:Neo-Nazis. They want to rehabilitate the Nazis.Antisemites. They want to bait and mock the Jews.Anti-Zionists. They believe that the main reason for the establishment of Israel as a state in 1948 was to console the Jews for the Holocaust and to salve the conscience of the Allies.

How did the killings of the Nazis link to the later holocaust of Jews and gypsies?

It was the Nazis who carried out the Holocaust.

What group was target during the holocaust?

The main victims were Jews from all the nations invaded by the Nazis.

What are some of the causes of the Holocaust?

Well, for one, Adolf Hitler, who was a lazy boy in school, who longed to be an artist, who later became one of the world's most terrible criminals. He was the main creator and gatherer of the Nazis, who hated Jews. The resistance of the Jews and defiance of mercy by the Nazis formed into the Holocaust. I hope I helped. (:

Why did the Nazis carry out the the Holocaust in camps?

The Nazis didn't want to carry out the Holocaust publicly, for example in the street.

Were the Nazis part of the Holocaust?

The Nazis carried out the Holocaust, sometimes with the aid of local volunteers (for example, in Lithuania).

Who were the people who started the Holocaust?

The Nazis were the one fo the other persons who started the holocaust but also Adolf Hitler

The Holocaust was the Nazis' mass murder of whom?

Jews. The Holocaust was the Nazis attempt to exterminate Europe's Jews.

What war was it during when Nazis carried out the Holocaust?

Nazis carried out the Holocaust during and just before WW II

Where Nazis part of the Holocaust?

Everywhere that the Holocaust took place.

How many Nazis were killed in the Holocaust?

Perhaps 300 Nazis were killed in the Holocaust. Many I'm sure perished in the war. The Holocaust is distinct from the war. The Holocaust was a genocide perpetrated against the Jews.

Who else was to blame for the holocaust other than adolf Hitler?

All the Nazis, but Adolf Hitler was the main cause

Where did the Nazis invade during the Holocaust?

nowhere, the Holocaust was not a military action

Who committed the crime know as the Holocaust?

Hitler and the Nazis were responsible for the Holocaust.

Enemies of the Holocaust?

The Nazis were a very big enemy to holocaust victims. Another one was Adolf Hitler. He was the head of the Nazi party.

Who caused the Holocaust?

Hitler and the Nazis.

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