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Who was or is the WWE General Manager?


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As of October 2010,The current General Managers of Raw and SmackDown are Anonymous (Raw) and Theodore Long (SmackDown).

Both shows have had previous General Managers including: Eric Bischoff (Raw), William Regal (Raw) Mike Adamle (Raw), Stephanie McMahon (SmackDown), Paul Heyman (SmackDown) and Vickie Guerrero (SmackDown). There has been more GMs than just those.


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On Smackdown, the general manager is Teddy Long. And the raw general manager is a secret.

she is the general manager of ECW

No, the General Manager Mode will not be included in WWE '12.

There is no General Manager Mode on WWE SmackDown Vs. RAW 2009.

i think its got to be the hbk

It is unknown who the General Manager of RAW is.

Friday night smackdown's general manager.

Vince McMahon. Theodore Long is the General Manager

He used to be a referee for the westling (WWE)....and was a general manager for them.

He doesn't do anything in the WWE anymore, he works as an authority figure/on-screen general manager in TNA.

its vince mcmahon, he owns the wwe starting from 2004

As of October 2010,no-body knows who the raw gm is.

As of October 2010, no-body knows who the raw gm is.

No. His team lost in wrestlemania so he is no longer the general manager of smackdown. But, he is still with the wwe

John lurinites is in charge of the wwe if you know him from wwf he is now currently now a general manager of both raw and smack down.

Alright, number one, the game isn't WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2012. It is just WWE'12. And number two,no it dosen't because I have played it and it dosen't have it. One thing though, WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2008 does have General Manager mode though. Hope this was helpful!!!

No. Triple H is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the WWE. He is not the General Manager. Brad Maddox is the GM of WWE RAW. Vickie Guerrero is the GM of Smackdown

He was a commentator and general manager on Monday Night RAW in the WWE. He played in the NFL in the 70's.

Mr McMahon.thodore long OS general manager vickie Guerrero is consultant

it will probably be vince mcmahon cause he returned or it might be teddy long

Because when he was a wrestler he had his laryna crushed

Yes because he has not yet retired and he was the wwe General Manager and became a part of john Cena's team to defeat the nexus at summerslam.

He can only return as a general Manager because of his neck injury, that is also the reason he left, because if he would have stayed he would be paralyzed.

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