Who was queen Cleopatra?

to start it off I know she was more than just a pretty face.She was born in Alexandria, Egypt 69 B.C.E but her ancestry was Greek. Cleopatra grew up in a beautiful palace; she was looked after by tons of servants. Cleopatra didn't go to but she was very clever, and quick at learning. She learned to speak many languages however she was the only one in the family that could speak Egyptian even though she could speak Egyptian she was Greek. She had two older sisters and two younger brothers but I won't forget her little sister either.She was 18 years old when she became queen she became queen because in her father's will he said that Cleopatra and the older of the younger brother would become rulers the reason that Cleopatra had to have her brother rule with her is because women could not rule by themselves, the Egyptians they treated her like an Egyptian goddess. She also practiced the religious customs of Egypt. She was the last ruler from the Ptolemy dynasty she was the last of that royal line and ruled from 51 to 30 B.C.E the romans where gaining power and growing bigger and bigger. she was bossy, intelligent, and ruthless she dressed like a queen even though she was a pharaoh. Cleopatra was forced out of Egypt so she fled to Syria so she could be safer. When she was queen she spoke Egyptian and Greek. When Julius Caesar was staying in the palace in Alexandria he when receives the most famous gifts in history which was an oriental rug with a 22 year old Cleopatra wrapped in it she did this because she wanted more and more power and so she wanted a strong army to protect her and be on her side . Also Cleopatra and Julius Caesar fell in love and they had a son named Caesarion. After they fell in love but before they had a kid, Julius's army drowned Ptolemy XIII he removed Cleopatra from power. While they were in Rome Cleopatra was less popular with the romans than her son, she had called herself the "New Isis" . After Julius Caesar was killed Cleopatra and mark Antony fell in love and 3 children. But Mark Antony and Cleopatra made the Roman Empire very mad because they were giving away parts of their empire to their children. Then Cleopatra was in the war called Actium but sadly for Cleopatra was defeated and because of that Octavian who was part of the Roman Empire killed Mark Antony, Mark Antony was asked to be taken to Cleopatra and he died in her arms. L She was 39 when she died; she killed herself because she realized that her end was close by any way so to make it easier so she didn't have to struggle any more. Her dreams of the Egyptian empire died with her. Her name lived on so this name makes people think of romance, bravery, greed and beauty. She tried to make sure Egypt stayed independent; she made rulers of the roman republic frightened of her. No one can deny that Cleopatra was one of the greatest rulers of Egypt! There's no doubt that Cleopatra was the greatest ruler of Egypt because she was very intelligent and cunning she also made a big impact on Egypt.