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Archbishop SERGEY (Arkadi Dimitrievich Korolev) of Kazan & Chistopol 18 Jan 1881-18 Dec 1952 Born into a religious family in the Moscow region; attended Bethany Theological Seminary at the Troitse-Sergiev Lavra; after finishing, attended the Moscow Theological Academy, graduating in 1905. On 7 Jun 1907, he was tonsured a monk by Bishop Evlogy of Kholm (Vasily Semenovich Georgievsky, 10 Apr 1868-8 Aug 1946, later Metropolitan of Western Europe for both the Constantinople and Moscow Patriarchates), and given the name Sergey. He entered the Yablochinsky Monastery in the Kholm Diocese. 1908 he was ordained a hieromonk. Yablochinsky Monastery had a missionary program, especially for the Uniates in this area, and Father Sergey labored as a missionary. In 1914 he was elevated to Archimandrite, and named assistant Abbot of the Monastery. The same year, the Monastery was evacuated because it was near the front of the fighting between the Russian Empire and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In 1920 he was consecrated to the Episcopate as Bishop of Belsk, which as a result of the outcome of WWI, was within the borders of the new state of Poland. In 1922 Bishop Sergey was arrested for his opposition to the planned Autocephaly of the Orthodox Church in Poland. He finally was deported from Poland, and went to Czechoslovakia, where he was assigned Bishop of Prague by Metropolitan Evlogy (Georgievsky) of Western Europe of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia. As a Vicar of Metropolitan Evlogy, Bishop Sergey followed him into schism from the ROCOR in 1927. Following WWII, Bishop Sergey followed Met. Evlogy into the Moscow Patriarchate (Evlogy had submitted to the Patriarchate of Constantinople after leaving ROCOR). After Evlogy's death in 1946, his successor, Metropolitan Vladimir (Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Tikhonitsky, 22 Mar/4 Apr 1873-5/18 Dec 1959) took the Diocese back into the Patriarchate of Constantinople, a decision that Bishop Sergey disagreed with. Bishop Sergey stayed under the jurisdiction of the Moscow Patriarchate, which was easy to do in Prague, since the Moscow Patriarchate was the only jurisdiction that could be legally adhered to. 17 Apr 1946, the MP elevated Bishop Sergey to Archbishop, and 7 Jun 1946 assigned him as Archbishop of Vienna of the Western European Diocese. In October of 1946, he was named Exarch of the Central European District of the MP. From 8 to 18 Jul 1948, he participated in the celebrations for the 500th Anniversary of the Autocephaly of the Russian Orthodox Church in Moscow. On 16 Nov 1948 he was named Archbishop of Berlin and Germany, and on 20 Sep 1950, Archbishop of Kazan and Chistopol. In Kazan, he always walked to the Cathedral, taking different ways, He would engage obviously poor people in conversation, enter into their houses, and, learning of their situations, would leave sums of money in their house when he left. He left over 20 written works on various aspects of Holy Orthodoxy. Vladika Sergey reposed in the Lord on 18 Dec 1952 in Kazan.

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Q: Who was sergei korolev?
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