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Who was the American revolution against?

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The American Revolution was against Britain. It's allies were Spain and France.

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could it be argued that the american revolution turned against its roots

The American Revolution was America's fight for independence against the British.

If you were a Patriot in the American Revolution you were an American against the British.

During the American Revolution, there were three different groups: The Patriots were for the Revolution, the Loyalists were against the revolution, and the Neutralists didn't care. I don't know what fraction, but I bet the Loyalists took up a large portion of the people against the Revolution.

The Patriots completely supported the American Revolution, while the Loyalists were against it.

Henry Clinton was a British General in the American Revolution. He was against the Americans.

The revolution of the American Colonies against Great Britain began in 1775 and ended in 1783

The American revolution was obviously for the united colonies separation from great Britain. The french revolution was a revolt against their government, like we revolted against Great Britain. Our revolution was much less violent, even though we had a war.

1. The Russian Revolution. 2. The American Revolution. 3 The Glorious Revolution (against King James II in Britain). The Chinese Revolution (against Chiang Kai Shek). 5 The Cuban Revolution (against Baptista).

The Cherokee fought alongside the British against the American Colonists in the American Revolution. The Creek were uninvolved.

The American colonists fought the British in the American Revolution. After the Battle of Saratoga, the French actively joined the War against the UK.

The American Revolution was a revolt against Britain's perceived oppression.

Because the colonist were rebelling against Great Britain's tyrannous rule.

The political revolution against England resulting in the independence of the 13 colonies of Britain in N.A.

there is not really a difference because they both were for liberty against the british :)))))

He struggled against the British in the American Revolution.

That would be the American Revolution.

A rebel is a person who resists authority. The rebels of the American Revolution were the colonists because they were rebelling against British rule.

The Patriots were the American colonists who rebelled against the British in the American Revolution. The American colonists who stayed loyal to the British and were against the Patriots were called Loyalists.

i am not sure but maybe the American civil war is among Americans after they have gaind their independance but the American revolution was against GB as i said i am no sure