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Alban Berg (1885-1935).

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Q: Who was the Austrian composer who wrote Wozzeck?
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Which music composer wrote forty-two symphonies?

Italian composer; wrote music for many masses

Who was the Austrian composer known as the Father of the Symphony who wrote the Surprise Symphony?

Franz Joseph Hayden.

Who wrote the most operas?

Austrian composer Wenzel Müller composed the most operas, writing around 166 of them.

When was Hans Lang - Austrian composer - born?

Hans Lang - Austrian composer - was born in 1908.

When did Hans Lang - Austrian composer - die?

Hans Lang - Austrian composer - died in 1992.

What composer wrote Symphony 94 in G which is also called surprise?

Franz Joseph Haydn, Austrian (1732-1809).

What nationalaty is Mozart?

Mozart was a composer and pianist. He was an Austrian composer. He was born in 1756.

What is a sentence for nocturne?

Nocturne In C# Minor by Chopin is featured in the film "The Pianist".Austrian composer Carl Czerny wrote seventeen nocturnes.

Is Mozart Irish?

No. The composer Mozart was Austrian.

What is the voice type of Wozzeck in the opera Wozzeck by Alban Berg?

Wozzeck is a baritone.

Is wolfgang amadeus Mozart a baroque style composer?

Mozart was a Classical Austrian composer. Most of his compositions were written in classical galant style. He wrote contrapuntal works including selected movements in his piano sonatas.

Was the great composer Mozart German or briton or Austrian?

He was German. He called himself a German (and not an Austrian).

What country was Mozart from?

He was an Austrian composer, born in Salzburg.

What Austrian composer did not complete his eight symphony?


Name of Austrian composer who composed music and operas?


Who was the Austrian composer who died at the age of 32?

Wolfgang Mozart

What is the name of an Austrian composer with six letters?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

What is the first name of 18th century Austrian composer Mozart?


What is something musical that begins with the letter a?

accordian allegro austrian composer?!

Who was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's friend?

Joseph Haydn, an austrian composer

What composers were born in 1835?

Cesar Cui (Lithuanian composer) Eduard Strauss (Austrian composer) Henryk Wieniawski (Polish composer) Felix Draeseke (German Composer) Camille Saint-Saens (French composer)

What composer wrote the can-can?


Which composer wrote the waltz?

you did

In which Austrian city was the composer Mozart born?

Mozart was born in Salzburg, Austria.

Composer who wrote music before he was five years old?

Mozart was the composer who wrote music before he was five years old. This composer was incredibly talented and driven.