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The leader of the Imperial Japanese Navy was Admiral Yamamoto, i believe. The spelling may be incorrect. its yamamota i googled it and its Yamamoto.

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Japanese general during WWII?

Naval Marshal General Isoroku Yamamoto. He was the leader of the combined fleet but Yomashita is the main Japanese genaral.

Who was the US naval leader during World War 2?

If your talking Commander in Chief of the fleet -- Ernie King. If your talking "the" US naval leader -- FDR.

Us naval leader during World War I?

William S. Sims, Austin M. Knight, and Hugh Rodman were US Naval leaders during World War 1.

What was the main Japanese naval base in World War II?

The Kure Naval District was the main Japanese naval base and HQ of the Imperial Japanese Navy.

American naval leader during World War 2?

it has to fit in my 6 space, crossword puzzle

Which naval base in Hawaii attacked during World War?

The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor via airstrike.

Was there a war in Hawaii?

A naval base there was a Japanese target during WW2.

What was the Battle of Truk during World War 2?

Operation Hailstone was a massive naval air and surface attack launched on 17 and 18 February, 1944, during World War II by the United States Navy against the Japanese naval and air base at Truk in the Caroline Islands, a pre-war Japanese territory.

Who Was Admiral Yamato Isorku?

Admiral Yamamoto had fought as a young naval Lieutenant aboard a Japanese warship during the Russian-Japanese War 1904-1905 (he lost a finger during one of the naval battles with the Russian Fleet). During WWII, he was the Commander in Chief of the Japanese Imperial Navy.

When did Naval warfare in the Mediterranean during World War I happen?

Naval warfare in the Mediterranean during World War I happened in 1919-08.

What was primarily a naval battle during World War 1?

Jutland is the only significant naval battle or World War I

When did Imperial Japanese Naval Academy end?

Imperial Japanese Naval Academy ended in 1945.

US Naval leader during world war 1 who devised the convoy system to protect merchant ships crossing the Atlantic?

William Sims was a US a naval admiral who commanded US naval forces in Europe during WW I. He devised the tactics of convoy system to safeguard merchant shipping from German action in Atlantic.

What has the author Shigetaka Onda written?

Shigetaka Onda has written: 'Senkan \\' -- subject(s): Japanese Naval operations, Naval operations, Japanese, World War, 1939-1945, Yamato (Battleship)

What happened during the russo-japanese war?

Air Forces did not exist during this part of the 20th century, consequently only naval and ground battles occurred during the Russian/Japanese War.

What techniques of fighting were used by the Germans and Japanese during World War 2?

The war against Germany was a land war. The war against Japan was a naval war.

What has the author Chikanori Moji written?

Chikanori Moji has written: 'Sora to umi no hate de' -- subject(s): Campaigns, Japanese Naval operations, Japanese Personal narratives, Naval operations, Japanese, Personal narratives, Japanese, World War, 1939-1945

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