Who was the Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan in 2011?

Almazbek Sharshenovich Atambayev was the Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan at the start of 2011. Omurbek Toktogulovich Babanov was the Acting Prime Minister from September 23 to November 14 and from December 1 to December 23.

Atambayev became the prime minister on 2010 December 17, and was also previously the prime minister in 2007 from March 29 to November 28. He also ran for president in 2000, and received 6% of the vote. In 2011, he ran for president again, temporarily stepping down as prime minister. He won with 63% of the vote. Resigning the post of prime minister, Atambayev became the 4th President of Kyrgystan on 2011 December 1.

Babanov became the acting prime minister when Atambayev temporarily stepped down for the presidential election, and also after Atambayev resigned the post of prime minister. Babanov was confirmed by the parliament on December 23. He would eventually resign on 2012 September 1.