Boston Tea Party

Who was the US President during the Boston Tea Party?


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the Boston tea party was before we even had a president and independence.


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There was an dispute during the Boston tea party oh

Samuel Adams dumped tea in The Boston Harbor during The Boston Tea Party.

The sons of liberty were on the ships during the Boston tea party.

342 cartons of tea were dumped during the Boston tea party.

Nobody died during the Boston Tea Party

The Boston Tea Party occurred in Boston. Many crates of tea were dumped into the Boston Harbor during the Boston Tea Party. that's all i can think of

they dumped the tea into the Boston Harbor

No Americans died during the Boston Tea Party. Only the tea did not survive.

The Boston tea party was not an organized event. It just happened.

Three ships were used during the Boston Tea Party, Dartmouth, Eleanor, and the Beaver.

The names for the three ships in the Boston tea party are the Dartmouth, Eleanor, and the Beaver.

The Boston Tea Party occured while the United States was still ruled by Great Britain, so there was no U.S. president serving at the time.

The King during the Boston Tea Party was King George the Third. Written as King George III.

No one died during the Boston tea party. likewise no one was caught

well it was the Tea act and the it was the boston tea party.:]

ya that's why they call it ''Boston'' tea party

No, the Intolerable Acts was a result of the Boston Tea Party. The Tea Act led to the Boston Tea Party

During the Boston tea party, the American colonists invaded British tea ships and threw all their tea overboard.

The Patriots threw away the tea and broke the tea boxes.

Not during the Boston Tea Party but soon after. In March 1774 England's Parliament passed the Intolerable Acts which among other measures closed the Port of Boston.

Tea that was aboard a British Ship.

The Boston Tea Party happened in Boston on the Boston Harbor in 1773

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