Who was the artist of the boy love logo?

Kalos, who's real name is not known. He should be contactable at kalos@fpc.net.

Here's what he says on how he came up with it.

My partner and I hit on the double triangles + blue colour as the basis for the design.

The symbolism has been discussed before and seems self-evident. If it isn't, refer to the graphic explanation above.

Since our design philosophy predicates that the ideal visual symbol should be capable of being drawn in the sand with a finger, a continuous line imposed itself as the solution.

We also took into account it's reproductability both in colour and black & white. Also, it should be possible to make it into a three-dimensional object, a lapel pin for instance.

We also wanted to create an image that was not too "in your face" so as to permit the user to acknowledge it's true meaning or... be as non-commital as the situation demands.