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Who was the communist spy convicted of perjury and sent to jail?


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Alger Hiss You appear to be thinking of Alger Hiss. He spied for the Russians, but was most likely not a Communist.

It was claimed under oath that Hiss had been a Communist - by ex-Communist under oath Whitaker Chambers a witness who had previously testified that Hiss had not been a communist.

His alleged crime was perjury, but there is quite a lot of evidence and some dispute which holds that he was innocent..... the HUAC just needed to 'get' some commies. it seems very likely that Richard Nixon was involved in fabricating the typewriter which was central to the case.

He was released from prison in 1954 - and in 1975 documents were released which showed that threw doubt on the evidence used to convict.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Hiss, Richard Nixon and John Taylor, director of the Nixon library all wrote independently to the Russian authorities asking for any evidence from the Russian files. None was found.