Boston Tea Party

Who was the first American to die at the Boston Tea Party?


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No Americans died during the Boston Tea Party. Only the tea did not survive.

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How is the Boston tea party connected to the American revolution

How did the Boston tea party contribute to the American revolution

how did the Boston tea party change the course of American history

The tea act came first then the Boston Tea Party came.

The Boston Tea Party was a landmark event in American history in which disgruntled American colonists dumped tea that the British were forcing them to buy into the Boston harbour. The Tea Party is a segment of the Republican Party that is exceptionally fiscally conservative.

Dumping Tea for Freedom Tea Party for American Freedom Party in Boston

The Boston Tea Party was a protest in response to the Tea Act of 1773. The act started the American Revolution.

The "Boston Tea Party" was colony businessmen's response to the Tea Act. In other words, the tea act was first.

it means that the Boston tea party showed there anger they made a change in American history

The Boston Massacre happened in 1770 and the Boston Tea Party happened in 1773.

The Boston Massacre came first in 1770 while the Boston Tea Party happened later in 1773.

They hated British taxes because the British taxed one item that the American colonists loved: tea. That is how it lead to the Boston tea party. The Boston tea party is when they dumped the tea into the Boston harbor.

It wasn't actually a tea party, it's just a cute nickname for when the American colonists dumped England's tea into Boston harbor to protest the taxes on it.

well it was the Tea act and the it was the boston tea party.:]

The Boston Tea Party was significant during the American Revolution because it was representative of one of the greivances of the American people at the time, namely taxation.

During the Boston tea party, the American colonists invaded British tea ships and threw all their tea overboard.

It was very important for the tea act and the Boston tea party is related to tea.

ya that's why they call it ''Boston'' tea party

No, the Intolerable Acts was a result of the Boston Tea Party. The Tea Act led to the Boston Tea Party

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