Who was the first Jedi cleric?

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Q: Who was the first Jedi cleric?
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Who is the first Jedi in Star Wars?

Well, the first Jedi can mean the first Jedi we saw when the first film came out and that would be Obi-Wan Kenobi

Who was the first Jedi Knight?

There are no records of who the first Jedi Knight was. Some say it was the Midichlorians. But the history I was taught, was that the Midichlorians were the first to use the Force. After a while a group of people started using it called Jedi. Soon, there was a disagreement and the Dark Jedi were born. They became Sith due to a species that taught them. That's how the Jedi and Sith were created, but there are no records of who the actual Jedi Knight was.

What is a cleric called?

a cleric is a religious person. the oxford cleric is from the Canterbury tales by geoffry chaucer

What is a French cleric?

A French cleric is called an Abbe

Who was the first Jedi knight and Sith Lord?

So far, there is no record of the very first Jedi Knight and the very first Sith lord just yet ( starting from ( is someone different the first sith lord was Darth Bane who went into hiding when the Jedi thought the sith were extinct. then He raised an apprentice then she had and apprentice then he had an apprentice who was Darth sidious. And the first Jedi was Yoda who was 999 nine hundred and ninety nine when he died in Return of the Jedi )

Who was the first jedi to die?

qui gon

What is Jedi Nemesis first mixtape?


Was Emperor Palpatine a Jedi first?

Palpatine was never a Jedi. He embraced the Dark Side at a young age.

Who was the first Jedi?

There are a lot of forerunners to the Jedi Order, and there is no clear first Jedi. The definition of Jedi has changed over thousands of years, too. But Kaja Sinis is regarded as the one really knows,because you might think it was yoda,but its not. He always says that the jedi have been around for THOUSANDS of years,and he died when he was 912.

When was Cleric's Challenge created?

Cleric's Challenge was created in 1993.

Who was the first sith lord?

Darth sidous is not the first sith lord. The sith was orignally a species and then they died out now they are something like the jedi the first original sith lord was I think Naga Shadow naga shadow was the 5th or 6th sith lord the first dark jedi was xandor The first dark jedi was xandor but the first sith was Marka Ragnos. Wrong the first sith was Darth Bane and the first Jedi was Yoda

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