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Probably Galileo Galilei (Astronomer and Physicist, 1564 -1642)

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When was the telescope used for astronome?

Galileo was the first to use a telescope for major discoveries, around the year 1610.

Who was the Polish mathematician and astronomer who discovered One of the first major scientific discoveries?

Nicolaus Copernicus (19 February 1473 - 24 May 1543) First Astronomer to place the Sun at the center of the Solar System.

What are some of the major discoveries that Galileo made?

Galileo Galilei was a marvelous inventor and astronomer born February 15, 1564 and died January 8, 1642. He was well known for perfecting the telescope and he demonstrated that heavier objects fall faster than lighter objects.

What is his major discoveries?

Louis Joliet's major discoveries was the Mississippi River which he paddled 2500 miles to get to

Thomas Edison major discoveries?

thomas Edison discoveries

What are lief ericson's major discoveries and accomplishments?

He was the first European to land in North America.

Why did Isaac Newton invent the telescope?

Newton did not invent the telescope, he invented the reflecting telescope. The reflecting telescope was a major improvement over the distorting refracting telescope.

What was isaac newtons first invention?

Newton's first major public scientific achievement was the invention, design and construction of a reflecting telescope.

What was galileo's major accomplishment?

The telescope

What was Albert Einstein's major discoveries?


Where were the major oil and gas discoveries?


What was euclids major maths discoveries?


What are Thomas Edison's major discoveries?

The lightbulb

Who was johannes kepler-?

Johannes Kepler was a German astronomer, mathematician and astrologer who created his first major astronomical work, Mysterium Cosmographicum.

Where was the first optical telescope built?

The Englishman, Leonard Digges (1520-1559), from Bartham in Kent, UK, invented the Theodolite in 1551...The main component of a Theodolite is a small but powerful refracting telescope, so he was almost certainly the very first person in the world to invent the refracting telescope. However, it is known that he also invented the reflecting telescope shortly afterwards. In 1608, Hans Lippershey, a German born Dutch citizen invented a refracting telescope in Middelburg, Netherlands. Galileo's model a year later was a considerable improvement upon Lippersheys design but it came almost 60 years after Digges's invented his telescope. The Gregorian reflecting telescope was invented by Scottish mathematician and astronomer James Gregory and his design was first published in 1663. Isaac Newton invented the Newtonian reflecting telescope in 1668, 117 years after Digges invented his. The design of the Cassegrain telescope was first published on April 25th 1672 and its invention is attributed to Laurent Cassegrain (1629-1693), a Catholic priest from Chartres, France. There were no real major advances in telescope designs until the Schmidt telescope was invented, by German optician Bernhard Schmidt, in 1930. The Maksutov telescope was patented in 1941 by Russian optician Dmitri Maksutov.

What was the greatest contribution of galileo galilei to modern astronomy?

It was the use of the telescope for astronomical research. He discovered the four major moons of Jupiter, for example. He also thought he was the only astronomer allowed to do this type of research and hated it when others tried it.

What was one major problem with the refractor telescope used bu Galileo?

One major problem with the refractor telescope used by Galileo was sagging lens.

Where were the major oil discoveries of scotland?

North Sea

What major discoveries for zookeeper?

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What were two major discoveries of the vla telescopes?


What are three major discoveries made by Rene Descartes?

One of the most important discoveries for modern mathematics made by Rene Descartes was the Cartesian coordinate system. Two other major discoveries are the law of reflection and parts of the law of conservation of energy.

Who was Galileo and what did he find about falling objects?

Galileo Galilei was an Italian physicist, mathematician, astronomer and philosopher who played a major role in the Scientific Revolution. He lived from 1564 - 1642, and one of his most famous achievements was making a telescope that was 300x clearer than the original (first) one (but he didn't create the first telescope). Galileo Galilei found that falling objects fell faster/slower depending on the mass of the object, not the weight. He experimented his theory at the Leaning Tower of Pisa and dropped balls of the same material, but different weight.

Is there a difference between the Hubble space telescope and the Hubble telescope?

a major difference the huble space telescope is in orbit while the regular is in use only on the ground

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