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Q: Who was the first democratic elected to the presidency after the civil war?
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Who was the president that was the first Democratic president?

Grover Cleveland was the first member of the modern Democratic Party to win the Presidency . He first won in 1884. Before the Civil War, Andrew Jackson won in 1828. He was the founder of the Democratic Party that lasted until it split over slavery in 1860.

In 1912 Woodrow Wilson became the first elected to the presidency since the civil war?


What political party did Grover Cleveland represent?

Grover Cleveland was a member of the Democratic party. In fact, he was the first Democrat elected from the new Democratic Party formed after the Civil War.

Was John F. Kennedy the first democrat?

Not at all. The current Democratic party was a revival of the pre-Civil War democrats who began with Andrew Jackson in 1828. Grover Cleveland was first president elected by the Democrats after the Civil War.

The first president of the US was elected by?

The electoral college elected George Washington to presidency as the first president of the United States.

Who became president without being elected to the post and without being first elected to the vice presidency?


Whose was the first democratic elected leader of Russia?


Who was the first president elected to congress after finishing his presidency?

John Quincy Adams.

First president elected by original democratic-Republican Party?

The first president from the original Democratic-Republican Party was Thomas Jefferson. He was elected in 1802 and took office in 1803.

Who was the first president elected as a nominee of a party?

Thomas Jefferson who was elected as part of the Democratic-Republican party.

What president was the first elected to the presidency while servining in the us senate?

John Tyler

Who was the most recent president who when elected to the presidency it was the first time he had ever been elected to office?

General Dwight David Eisenhower.