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Hazrat Haris (R.A) was the first martyr of Islam.

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Who is The first martyred man of Islam?

The first martyred man was Yasir ibn Amir, but the first martyr in Islam (and the first martyred woman) was Yasir ibn Amir's wife, Sumayyah bint Khayyat.

Who was the first martyr in Islam?

First Female Martyr in islaam was Sumayya's bint Khubbat. First Male Martyr in islaam was his (Sumaya's) husband Yasir.

What is Shahid?

A shahid is a martyr in Islam.

What is the name of woman who martyred in the name of Islam?

There are many female Muslim martyrs or Shaheeda. The first martyr of Islam was a woman, Sumayyah bint Khayyat.

What is the term for martyr of Islam?

A martyr; the definition of a word does not change simply because of a person's religion.

What actors and actresses appeared in Martyr Man - 2006?

The cast of Martyr Man - 2006 includes: David Alan Graf as Martyr Man

Who was first Christian martyr?

St. Stephen was the first martyr.

What is meaning of summayyah?

Summayyah, was the name of the First Woman Martyr in Islam. Summiyyah RadiAllahu Anha mother of Ammar RadiAllahu Anhu and wife of Yassir RadiAllahu anhu was the first to meet martyrdom for the cause of Islam. She was killed by Abu Jahl the enemy of Islam.

Who was the First Martyr of the Catholic Church?

St. Stephen was the first martyr.

Was Saint Peter the first martyr?

No, St. Stephen was the first martyr.

Who was the first Christian martyr in the Bible?

Stephen is the first martyr, as he was stoned to death for his belief.

How did the first martyr die?

The first martyr was Saint Stephen. He was stoned to death for his faith.

What was the first deacon who also was the first martyr?

The first Deacon who also was the first Martyr of the the Catholic Church is Saint Stephen.

Who was the first British Christian martyr?

St. Alban is considered to be the first Christian martyr in Britain.

Was St. Stephen the first martyr saint?

Yes, St. Stephen was the first martyr.

How do Islam exists?

It was sent by Allah to the first man, Adam

Who is the first Christian martyr listed in Acts?

Stephen is listed in Acts 7 as the first Christian martyr.

Who was the first martyr for the Christian faith?

Stephen is traditionally considered to be the first martyr in the new Christian religion.

Who was the first person to believe in islam?

Of course prophet Muhammad is the first person who believed in Islam per Quran revelation to him by God.After the prophet;The first man believed in Islam is AbouBakrThe first boy believed in Islam is Aly Ibn Abou TalebThe first woman believed in Islam is Khadija (the first prophet wife)wife

Who was the first man that started Islam?

* Prophet Mohamed (s.a.s) * Adam

Who first joined worship in islam?

If you mean Islam in its universal sense, then Adam is the first Muslim. Refer to question below.If you mean Islam religion per God Quran revelation to prophet Muhammad (PBUH) then: First woman to join Islam is Khadija, prophet Muhammad wife.First man to join Islam is Abou BakrFirst boy to join Islam is Aly Ibn Abou Taleb

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