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In Arthur Miller's book The Crucible, Tituba was first accused by Abigail Williams of performing witchcraft.

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Q: Who was the first person accused of being a witch during the Salem witchcraft trial?
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What did a person accused of witchcraft in Salem in the late 1600s have to do to stay alive?

Admit it

How was witchcraft practiced during the Salem witch trials?

There were no actual, practicing witches invovled, accused or otherwise existing in Salem during the witch trials.

Was there witchcraft in Barbados?

Tituba, the slave who was accused of witchcraft in Salem Massachussettes, was from Barbados.

Who was the Caribbean slave of the Parris family accused of being a witch?

Tituba was the person that was the slave of the Parris family. She lived in Salem, Massachusetts and was accused of witchcraft.

What type of people were accused of witchcraft in Salem?

Moka :d

What was the accusation in Salem?

Certain women were accused of practicing witchcraft.

Who accused people of witchcraft at the Salem Witch Trails?


What were the Salem witchcraft trials and when and where did they take place?

The Salem Witch Trials were the legal trials of people accused of witchcraft by "Afflicted" girls in 1692 in Salem Town and Salem Village (now Danvers), Massachusetts

How many people were accused and executed for witchcraft in Salem village?

25 thousand

How many accused of practicing witchcraft were actually put to death at Salem?


How did the Salem witch trials end?

The Salem witch hunt and trials finally ended when people began to notice that people were being accused of witchcraft even when the had no evidence. Not to mention the people that accused others of witchcraft, was usually an enemy.

Three women were accused of what crime on February 29 1692 Where were they accused?

Sarah good, Sarah osburne and tituba were accused or witchcraft in Salem.

Where was 19 people hanged for being accused of witchcraft?

19 people were hung for being convicted of Witchcraft in Salem Mass.

What was elizabeth proctor accused of during the Salem witch trials?

Using witchcraft to cause harm to *very very long list of people*

How has witchcraft changed now from how it was practiced during the Salem Witch Trials?

This questions stems from an assumption that there was actual witchcraft during the Salem panic. No witchcraft was practiced in Salem in the seventeenth century. It is very difficult for something that didn't exist to change.

How many people that used witchcraft were put to death at Salem?

About 20 people were put to death after being accused of involvement in witchcraft.

What was the witchcraft hysteria in Salem and other New England towns?

The witchcraft hysteria in Salem and other New England towns was a reflection of a the conflictions of gender in a community and its economic strains. Wealthy women were accused of witchcraft by poor women due to jealousy.

How many people were accused of witchcraft in the Salem witch trials?

142 people were legally accused of witchcraft during the Salem Hysteria.This count does not include people who were rumored by neighbors or relatives of being involved with witchcraft. Only a handful of these people were executed, 16 I think, a few with the money or influence to do so escaped town, charges were dropped against some and the remainder served time in prison but were released.

Did witchcraft scare Quakers?

No, the Quakers were accused of Witchcraft in New England long before the Salem Witch Trials. They left New England for Pennsylvania.

What does Danforth say is the difference between ordinary crime and witchcraft?

Danforth is a judge in the novel The Crucible, which depicts the Salem witch trials. He says that the difference between witchcraft and ordinary crime is that a person accused of witchcraft cannot defend themselves by calling witnesses.

How many people died in the Salam Witch Trials?

The Salem witchcraft trials were held in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. 140 were accused, 20 were killed.

How did the real Salem Witch Trials begin?

Sarah good was accused of witchcraft ad then the hysteria started

Is magistrate kind of a judge?

Yes. Back in the Salem witchcraft trials, there were three magistrates to judge the accused.

What made people get accused of witchcraft in salem?

The Salem Witch Trials are a very important part of US history. People were accused of witchcraft for many reasons, living alone, doing things that seemed odd to the town, and for sport. Sometimes people called others witches because they had a problem with them.

Three women were accused of what crime on February 29 1962 Where were they accused?

i think you mean 1692, the three women, Sarah good, Sarah osburne and tituba were accused of witchcraft in Salem.

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